On Monday 4th of February Beckmans College of Design will be the opening show at Fashion Week Stockholm A/W 2019. Over the course of three days the best of Swedish fashion and design will be presented. Expect brands such as Our Legacy, Selam Fessahaye, ATP Atelier, House of Dagmar, Lazoschmidl and Per Götesson to present their latest collections.

This season marks a new beginning for Fashion Week in Stockholm, where the new organizers, Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB), together with Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) will work together in order to move the fashion industry forward. As a first step, Fashion Week Stockholm now coincides with Design Week and Stockholm Fashion District fair to strengthen both the fashion industry itself and to contribute to Swedish exports in general.

”Swedish design and the fashion industry do not function in their own separate environments, rather they have always demonstrated that their inspiration and innovation come from a wide range of sources. It is incredibly important for us to encourage and facilitate this creative outlet, in all its forms”, says Jennie Rosén, CEO of SFC.

The fashion industry is one of Sweden’s largest exports, and it continues to grow. Fashion Week Stockholm provides an important platform for emerging talents and young creatives as well as communicating and visualizing Swedish fashion – locally and globally. This season’s schedule reflects this; presentations and shows will succeed each other in an eventful program filled with both established and debuting brands and designers.

Returning for another season are Ida Sjöstedt, Selam Fessahaye, Maxjenny! and Rave Review, showing at Fashion Week Showspace by Zalando at Stockholms Auktionsverk. Other participating brands presenting their Autumn 2019 collections are Hope, Stylein, House of Dagmar, Our Legacy, L’Homme Rouge, Per Götesson, Ores, Sadboys Gear and Lazoschmidl. On Monday, the magazine Scandinavian Man hosts conceptual Urban Outdoor show, highlighting the legacy and expertise of Scandinavian outdoor clothing.

Weekday will present their sustainability collection Recovered Denim Reformed Fashion for both women and men. Amongst the accessory brands, ATP Atelier and the newcomer Susan Szatmáry will showcase their upcoming collections.

In addition, the design group Magniberg curates an exhibition and the multi-creative artist collective YEAR0001, together with the tech design company Teenage Engineering, invites for an exclusive visit to YEAR0001’s studio. Fashion Talks is another important, returning, feature of Fashion Week Stockholm. This season, representatives of the forest industry are invited to speak about bio-innovation and cross-disciplinary cooperation.

This year’s main sponsor is Zalando, one of Europe’s largest e-commerce platforms for fashion and lifestyle.

The official schedule is updated regularly and can be found here.