The bicycle brand Batavus is launching its new initiative ”Cykeltrafikomläggningen” (bike traffic reorganisation) during Fashion Week Stockholm. The initiative encourages people to choose to go by bike rather than other by less environmentally friendly ways. As their bikes are electric there’s not even a need to worry about getting sweaty!

Fashion Week is for modern people. Together with some photographers, Batavus created a photo series focusing on modern street style, with people who also think going by bike is the best option going forward.

In order to create an even more environmentally friendly e-bike, Batavus joined forces with GodEl. GodEl is a company delivering green electricity while, at the same time, giving money to charity. Together, GodEl and Batavus have made it very easy to travel fast without making an impact on nature.

Today is Day C – the day for people to cycle. Tonight at Fashion Night at Norrmalmstorg, between 17.00 and 21.00, everyone is invited to come and try the bike and also have your photo taken by our photographers. If you want to show that you are an urban citizen believing there should be more people cycling, you should take the opportunity to win one of our fantastic e-bikes (worth up to 23 000 sek) by showing us why you bike and by using #jagtarcykeln + #cykeltrafikomläggningen. Find out more about ”Cykeltrafikomläggningen” here.

In paid partnership with Batavus and GodEl.