JOHANNESADELEPRESS1What is the concept of your brand?
“JOHANNES ADELE is a unisex brand founded by Swedish designer, Johannes Leijonberg and French designer, Adèle Gillardeau in 2015.

The logo is Morse code using our initials A and J. We wanted to highlight our respect to the different ways of communicating. Morse code is perhaps slower but it always transmits (goes through!).

We build our collections from our cultural heritage but also from our past and inspired travels.  The atelier is in the south of France allowing us to stay away from the fashion hecticness and pursue our own artistic visions.

We focus on pure tailoring and cut in on an ongoing process to find balance between the essential and the traditional. The clothing are made for long lasting durability and comfort. We care about transparent methods whereby the ethics and the focus on quality is clearly seen through each of the pieces. The materials and garments have been carefully chosen in different countries such as Sweden, France, Italy or India.The developed prints and colors, made in house, is the continuation of our experimentation to harmonize fine fabrics with a more natural and variable beauty.”

What is the foundation to your AW17 collection?
“Samurais on ice.”

Do you have any personal memories that is being reflected in this season?
“It’s a mix of our childhood: Johannes playing Ice hockey on the frozen, icy lakes, Adele dreaming of being a geisha.”

Who inspired you to design?
“Adele grew up in love with Jean Paul Gaultier, Johannes with his sewing teacher from 3rd grade.”

What do you wish that the items to say about the person wearing them?
“Stay awesome.”

Is there any muses that has inspired your work?
“Friends and Travels.”

If you were to anchor your fashion in one defining moment, what would it be and why?
“The summer 2011 in Antwerp Working for Ann Demeulemeester, this is where and when we met.”

What is this collections signature piece?
“All of them!”

Who is the person you design for?
“For ourselves”.

Describe your design in three words.
“French, Swedish, Melange.”