What is the concept of your brand?
“AMA AWE is a swedish independent fashion brand creating slow fashion with rhizomatic visions, founded by me, Amandah Andersson, in 2015. The focus of AMA AWE is to find sustainable ways within the working process, the final garment, the life and its soul – without compromising with its unique aesthetic values. AMA AWE designs both special handmade pieces made in the studio in Stockholm but also ready-to-wear collections produced in the south of Sweden. AMA AWE works with conceptual printdesign, where each print tells its own story and are digitally printed in a kind way without bad chemicals harmful for the bodies and the nature.”

What is the foundation to your AW17 collection?
“The collection ”P,DSM! Uts. Jdi” (PLEASE, DON’T SWIPE ME! Upgrade the system. Just do it.) is the start of a longer project and manifesto for further development of the meeting between psychology, fashion & sustainability. The collection is also a part of a bigger performance and textile intstallation, shown in 2016. It’s about four concepts – Consumption / Time / Movement / Identity – transformation from a passive sleep into an active rest. The main fabric is habotai silk and all garments are produced in Sweden.”

Do you have any personal memories that is being reflected in this season?
“I’ve been working with this collection in different ways during 2016, foremost as a performance with four dancers. I think that collaboration has loaded the collection with personal memories that is very valuable today and I’m glad that this project and collection have connected a lot of different people. That performance has also contributed to new ways of thinking when it comes to design process and interactive research.”

Who inspired you to design?
“It’s a tough question. My first favourite movie was Sound Of Music. I loved it so much as a kid, which today seems so wierd because it’s such a long movie and I didn’t understand the story or anything. I guess I just fell in love with the music and the scene where Maria takes all the curtains and made it into dresses and trousers for the Von Trapp kids. It was so inspiring! However, I’ve always loved to draw, and my parents noticed this, thus, encouraged me to continue. Both of my grandmothers worked with fashion and illustrations and my aunt was a tailor, so I presume, it was my family who inspired and encouraged me to design.”

What would you like the items to say about the person wearing them?
“The wearer is a queen, no doubt about it, haha.”

Is there any muses that has inspired your work?
“Björk has always been very important to me, both when it comes to her music and sound, but also the visual dimension she is communicating.”

What is this collections signature piece?
“The kimono, no doubt. It’s been the signature piece from the beginning. However, I wouldn’t call it a kimono. It’s more a kind of kimono-kaftan, it would be unfair to call it a pure kimono, because it’s not. The kimono as a garment has fascinated me for some years now. There is a lot I think, which is interesting with this classical garment; the history of it, the prints, paintings and weaving techniques, and so on. I’ll continue to investigate this garment even more in the coming future.”

Who is the person you design for?
“I always have myself in mind whilst designing a new collection. Sometimes it’s the real me and other times it’s some kind of alter ego. The alter ego is a very excentric person living in a dimension full of surrealistic shapes, dreams and figures. When I’m designing for the real me, I ask myself  ”what do I miss on the market”, ”what do I crave” and ”what do I think is important” all these questions are relevant in the design process.”

Describe your design in three words
“Eccentric, Conceptual and Symbolism”