What is the concept of your brand?
“To find new expressions in menswear together with a sustainable approach in the designs and the production process of garments.”

What is the foundation to your AW17 collection?
“AW17 is based on deconstructed functional clothing with a reference to outdoor life. Materials that are used are waste fabrics from a weaver, some locally produced and hightech sports materials.”

Do you have any personal memories that is being reflected in this season?
“When I asked my uncle about his wardrobe. He told me about a sports jacket coated with teflon that he still wears after 25 years and a pair of thick wool long johns that he patched for over 20 years and still uses.”

Is there any muses that has inspired your work?
“The ‘regular’ man and my uncle who lives in a small town in the north of Sweden, the northern mens survival approach to life is a constant inspiration to me.”

What is this collections signature piece?
“The parka-waste-jacket which expresses the idea of coating, wastematerial and interaction at the same time.”

Who is the person you design for?
“I believe, my garments have different inputs, therefore, I don´t have a specific person in mind but the dream is to see a regular man from a smalltown wearing my styles.”

Describe your design in three words
“Conceptual, sustainable and interactive”