How did you get to know each other?
”We got to know each other during our three years at Beckman’s College of Design. Other than becoming best friends we worked very closely and learned how one another thinks and creates. Even though our identities as designers are a bit different we share the same vision and complement each other in many ways.”

You are working with remaking already made garments and upcycled textiles. Tell us more about that technique.
”We felt that we were missing a brand on the market that was working with remake and upcycling in a contemporary and progressive way. Sure, there is a few doing remake but not combining it with high-end fashion.”

What are the main perks about working with upcycling?
”First of all, the fact that it’s sustainable. That we can actually work with what we love the most while staying environmentally conscious. Secondly it’s the diversity you get in the design process. Since we are limited in terms of material source when developing a collection, the ideas take more unexpected and interesting turns in comparison to if we could have chosen just any material, like other fashion brands.

When we start developing the ideas for the collection we look in different second hand stores. We collect whatever we find interesting, and from there we are taking the process further to build up a theme.”

The first Rave Review collection was presented in Paris together with Swedish Fashion Now. By showing there you were hoping to reach out to a bigger audience. Did Paris live up to your expectations?
”It lived up to our expectations in the sense that it was a fun and rewarding experience. We got in contact with more people in the industry and learned a lot from it. The purpose with the first collection was mostly about branding rather than selling, so in that sense we feel that Paris was a really cool place to start everything.”

You are now having your debute at Fashion Week Stockholm with Swedish Fashion Talents, did you expect things to happen this fast when you started Rave Review?
”Showing our next collection at Fashion Week Stockholm has been one of our actual goals this coming year, so we´re really excited about it and can’t wait to finally produce and offer the clothes for people to buy. Since we’re based here in Stockholm, we want to focus on Sweden and Stockholm as a starting point.”

What inspired you while developing the AW18 collection?
”The main inspiration behind the collection is witches. We wanted to work with recognizable interior textiles such as checkered table cloths, rugs and heavy cotton laces and combine it with black leather and graphic prints. These materials resemble of the stereotypical clothing of witches that we know from movies and fairytales.

For us the witch theme stands for feminism, for being powerful and provocative – all the features that we want to highlight in the collection, and those features are also what characterizes our brand.”

What do you feel that the atmosphere has been like in the fashion industry, being an upcoming Swedish fashion label?
”Working within fashion is challenging in many ways, especially surviving on a tough market today. But we’re feeling optimistic about the future, since the response we’ve received this far is so positive and encouraging. We feel that the interest and appreciation for sustainable fashion is constantly growing.”

And last but not least, how did you come up with your name?
”We found the name on an old vintage clothing label. We had such a hard time finding a suitable name, and then we came up with the idea; “why not recycle the name as well?”. And the actual meaning behind it in also pretty awesome.”