How do you pronounce PRLE and what does PRLE mean?
“with an “a” [par-ley], like the English word for talk/speak.”

When and how was PRLE born as a fashion label?
“The company was founded 2013, but made its official debut in 2016, there was a long learning process, finding out who I was as a designer, sourcing suppliers and figuring out how the industry works, and how to reach out.”

What is the story behind your AW18 collection?
“The collection is an interpretation of Bill Murray. Where his eclectic persona has been merged into PRLE’s androgyne seventies aesthetic. The result is a collection a diverse range of garments and accessories with key-words: eccentric, practical and comfortable.”

You mention ”the modern hippie” a lot. What defines a modern hippie?
“‘The modern hippie’ is a phrasing of the fundamental value for the brand. It derives from a quote in the movie Easy Rider ‘Oh, yeah, they’re gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em.’ It’s about being a ‘free individual’ in a modern society. And it’s about expressing who you are, and accepting other for how and who they choose to be.”

Your ambition is to broaden the horizon for men’s clothing. How is that shown in your designs?
“My ambition is always to provide something different and new, and me being influenced by the androgyne seventies I want to incorporate that into a contemporary version, while also blurring the boundaries of what men’s- and women’s fashion is.”

What are your thoughts about the menswear field today?
“That is a big question. My thoughts are quite complex and a contradicting. It’s nice to see the interest for menswear growing and I hope for the men’s market to reach the same level as the women’s counterpart. Other than that, it’s an industry that needs to embrace ‘quality over quantity’ on all levels.”

How is it like being a part of Swedish fashion talents?
“Being part of Fashion council’s ‘Swedish fashion talents’ is my first real introduction to the Swedish market and industry, and I think they’re doing a great job providing new brands a stepping-stone towards the industry.”