Mia Larsson

Describe your design in three words.
“Organic recycled material and reshaped investigations.”

What’s your style philosophy?
“Eclecticism in personal ways. Anything from subcultures, classic to eccentric. Most inspiring are old ladies who kept their personal style. Often try to take secret picture with my phone. Can follow them several blocks.”

Is there a symbol that would represent you?
“Sea shell, Mother of pearl. The mussel and oyster build this beautiful great high tech ceramic material around them as a protection from intruders.”

Where did the initial concept for your brand come from?
“Thinking about sustainability and jewelry. How jewelry is relational and symbolic and often work as a protection. Seeing sustainability also as relational, a linkage between generations, and social concern for how and where we produce things.”

What’s your label’s signature pieces?
“The musselcollier, first piece I made for my master exam Moving Matter, at Ädellab and Konstfack. Made from mussel shells which I picked up from a restaurant.”

Who are your style icons?
“Eva Remeus in the childrens Tv show  Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter , Rosanna Oralandi, tje Italian gallery owner and Nina Simone, the /American composer artist.”

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
“Work wise I would say entering Konstfack and Ädellab in 2007.”

Going forward, what direction will the brand take?
“Hopefully, being able to work with jewelry and sustainability, moving in different fields as craft, art and fashion. Keep on doing more research and developing organic recycled materials.”


See Mia Larsson’s collection SS17 here.