Since the beginning of your label you have very quickly become successful through award wins and such. What has it been like to gain a lot of attention so quickly?
“It can be quite overwhelming. I´m so happy for the push it provided me in the beginning of my career. I still am. I remember my first show as it was yesterday, how much fun and how nervous I was. When you are new at something it helps a lot to have people around believing in what you do, and I had that, both on a personal level and from people in the business, I will never forget that.”

Where do you find your inspiration?
“Memories from my childhood, my obsession with dresses and the struggle of watching a classic cartoon movie and feeling the pressure to choose between the ‘good girl’ and the ‘bad girl’.”

Do you have any muses? 
“Yes, I just created a dress for Cruella de Ville and one for Ursula from the little mermaid.”

What would you like your items to say about the person wearing them?
“Come on, let´s just get over it and go drink some wine. Maybe hug it out.”

You’ve been recognized as the new voice for todays feministic fashion. Do you think the industry today is aware enough of feministic issues? 
“We can always do more. There has been some signs here and there that things are happening. Its intruiging to watch the industry slowly move forward, but it´s still a big industry we are talking about, it will take time. Fashion is a certain kind of language, with clothes you can tell stories and highlight certain topics. It depends on who you present your clothes, who you work with or what you as a designer choose to convey. Everything matters.”

You’ve previously found inspiration in porn by shifting the male gaze and applying a female perspective. What has it been like, working through that perspective in an industry that usually applies the reverse?
“It´s funny actually, the final collection and the finished pieces have been quite cute, soft and sexy, in my opinion. When discussing and showing the collection to people, it was so easy to see who was looking at the traditional male gaze because they were like ’But this isn´t porn?! Porn is this, and this, and this. I got ya’.”

What do you think will be the talk of this years collection?
”I never kiss and tell.”