Where does your inspiration come from?
“This season, we had a lot of things on our minds, going through lots of exciting ideas! The main story, however, is about a group of young kids at an after party digging into the wardrobe of a 70s rockstar. We thought about how you would wear these pieces today and the result is a rich mashup of disparate references and materials. Vintage military regalia, victorian lace and luxe shearling furs irreverently mixed with today’s streetwear and denim.”

What do you want your clothes to say about the wearer?
“We are proposing a lot of different styles and references this season, so I think it comes down to what you choose and how you wear it. My hope is whoever wears a Hunkydory piece feels strong, comfortable and it highlights that person’s individual style.”

Are there any muses that inspire your work?
“I am always inspired by strong women who let their personality shine through in their style. Kate Moss is a recurring icon on our moodboard, as well as, rock icons like David Bowie, Prince and Mick Jagger. The last few seasons have also been about singers Stevie Nicks, Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin and Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris.”

Unlike many Scandinavia brands, Hunkydory is not minimalist. Is there something missing from Scandinavian fashion?
“We founded Hunkydory in 1996 because we felt that the Scandinavian fashion scene lacked personal expressions. While anyone outside probably still can tell we are Scandinavian, our style has always been much more eclectic and expressive. We still like simplicity and effortlessness — but we don’t see our girls as people who just want to blend in.”

Hunkydory is an album by David Bowie, what does he mean to you?
“Everything! Christopher my husband/co-founder, and I, are die-hard Bowie fans and we are constantly inspired by him. His style, music and lyrics.”

Lately you have found inspiration in military fashion, where do those influences come from?
“Military and army garments are inherently practical, every design aspect has a purpose and this is why both are so great and timeless. They are made for work and protection so there is a toughness to them. I also love the contrast of something glamorous such as a sequined evening dress with a khaki parka — it creates impact.”