Castor Pollux AW17 grön3217


For this season Henric Dahl is mixing the sophisticated 20’s French gentleman with the 70’s eccentric bohemian French hippie.

Describe your design in three words.
“1: Duel natured – Castor Pollux in one way reflects a genuin passion for precise craftsmanship and the traditional sartorial knowledge and procedures that create fine classic garments. 2: Innovation- Castor Pollux in a second way will always be propelled by innovation. This means that the brand will challenge these fine traditions through the use of unexpected fabrics and trims, and by the refinement and modernization of the heritage silhouettes and cuttings. 3: Eccentric – the brand dare to be different and quite loud.”

What’s your style philosophy?
“To combine sartorial gentlemen’s fashion with a rock and roll attitude.”

 Is there a symbol that would represent you?
“The symbol of Gemini. The dualistic personality of the Gemini both represent me as a person as it also reflects my design philosophy of the dynamics between classic and innovative design that I believe can be combined together.”

Where did the initial concept for your brand come from?
“I was born under the sign of Gemini, The two heavenly twin stars Castor and Pollux give the constellation Gemini its latin name. Castor and Pollux are also two warriors from the Roman Mythology.”

What’s your label’s signature pieces?
“Initially it was the innovative but in the same way classic shirts, with a lot of experimental details on cuffs, collars and other details that no other brand presented. Now for SS17 I will say the Safari inspired suede coat and the Roman Paisley printed blazer are 2 of the key items in the collection.”

Going forward, what direction will the brand take?
“There are for the moment 3 different lines within the concept “The Temple of Castor and Pollux”. There are 2 premium lines and 1 commercial line:

1: Castor Pollux GOLD line – Sartorial and classic but in the same way innovative but subtle and sophisticated garments in very fine Italian fabrics. The shirts in this line are more towards the businessman, therefore they come in very fine two-ply fabrics and all these shirts are delivered in boxes that look like old antique roman books. Unconstructed, half-lined blazers in very high quality fabrics and all with natural materials for the buttons.

2: Castor Pollux EMPIRE line – This line is very thematic and it is represented in experimental and innovative details and silhouettes. Fabrics, patterns and colour used for each new season are influenced by a former province of the Roman Empire.

3: CASTOR by Castor Pollux – This is a new line and it will be launched in the end of August and only be sold through Stayhard who acquired Castor Pollux in December 2015. This line presents a contemporary little younger look with softer finishes on the garment, washed and dye effects on almost all shirts and knitwear. It also comes in a lot of denim and chambré fabrics and it is in general more semi dressed compared to the other 2 lines in the premium sector. The price point is also very very competitive. 90% of all 3 collections are produced in Italy and Portugal with Italian fabrics.

All 3 lines above will be re-launched this fall /winter 2016 and sold initially only through www.stayhard.se and www.castorpollux.se

Who would play you in the film of your life?
“A young Mickey Rourke.”

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
“A creative director in fashion. But I didn’t know the titel by that age. Since I wanted to work both with the design but also with the total expression of the brand when it comes to interior, advertising, seasonal theme. But as a young guy from a small town it was just dreams, and I did not do anything about the designing phase until I turned into the age of 32.”

What is your favourite word?

Which book changed your life?
“No book has not so far changed my life!”

What is top of your bucket list?
“To stay enthusiastic for my work and hopefully people will like it, and that this will help me to get me where I want to be in the future.”

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
“You will read it in my memoires that I will write later in life.”


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