Fashion Week Stockholm democratizes the front row.

Through the initiative the Democratic Front Row, arranged by Tele2 and Fashion Week in Stockholm, young fans from across the globe can take a seat next to the fashion insiders on the front row of designer Ida Klamborn’s show. Using groundbreaking live-streamed virtual reality, celebrities are replaced by robots and for the first time the public can review a fashion show in real time.

At hyped Swedish designer Ida Klamborn’s fashion show at the upcoming Fashion Week in Stockholm a unique robot installation symbolizing young fans will be set up. The installation is equipped with cutting edge virtual reality cameras streaming the show live from the best seats on the front row. Celebrities including artists Rebecca & Fiona and stylist Bea Åkerlund have given up their seats at the show and handed them over to the young fans.

– I am constantly inspired by youth culture but unfortunately the young fans are seldom seen in the fashion world. Therefore I invite them to my front row to break the traditional structures of the fashion world and show that the future holds so many opportunities, says Ida Klamborn, nominated to designer of the year of by Swedish ELLE Magazine.

Anyone can give Ida Klamborn real time feedback during her show on February 3rd through the app “Front Row” that is compatible with Google Cardboard. By pressing “like” when watching the show live in the app the robot installation will light up more intensely expressing the fans reactions instantly. Ida Klamborn will then use the data and engagement in her evaluation of the show.

– With the Democratic Front Row we want to show how connectivity can be used to discover new technology. We love to question conventional wisdoms. The fashion world is normally closed and for a select few, but this project we will change that and invite the public to Fashion Week in Stockholm, says Karl Skoog, Brand Engagement Manager at telecom operator Tele2 that provides the technology powering the show.

– This week’s theme is Fashion & Technology, and the Democratic Front Row shows how the Swedish fashion industry is not afraid to break new ground by embracing new technology. With this unique virtual reality live stream the consumer’s engagement will be measured instantly, which is incredibly useful for brands and something I believe will become the norm in the future, says Emma Ohlson, Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, organizer of Fashion Week in Stockholm.

How to take your seat on Ida Klamborn’s front row: Download the app “Front Row” and view the show live at 17.15 CET on February 3rd. To find out more visit www.democraticfrontrow.com