Visitor at Anders Haals A/W 17 VR-fashion show, created by Studio Bon.

Technology is reshaping the global fashion industry as we know it. Next Week Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, Patriksson Communication and Linda Leopold invites you to Fashion Tech Talks as a part of Symposium Stockholm to further disintegrate the borders between fashion and technology. The talk will aim to highlight the spiraling innovation area and examine the accelerating development by discussing smart fashion, new materials, Big Data, artificial intelligence and how to transform the fashion system.

”We are living in a time that is defined by fast technological development. New innovations are transforming most businesses and are impacting our lives at the core. During Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks we will be diving into some of the most exciting and interesting areas of development that are transforming the future of fashion as we speak,” says Linda Leopold, curator at Fashion Tech Talks and former editor-in-chief of Bon Magazine.

The fashion industry is standing before a breaking point between the past and the future, not to say the least here in Sweden. Last fall Studio Bon was the first production company in the world to produce a fashion show completely in virtual reality with designer Anders Haal at Fashion Week Stockholm. This year the Fashion Tech Talk investigates Sweden’s position as a innovative country together with amongst others Rickard Lindqvist, founder of Atacac, that believes the digital world is on its way to become equal to our physical existence. He will together with Jonas Larsson, associate professor, Swedish School of Textiles, Emma Stjernlöf, Nordic brand director for Adidas, Kirsty Emery, co-founder of Unmade and Erik Lindvall, creative director of Streamateria, discuss what really is the future of fabric and fashion.

”The fast development of technology is exactly what has taken the fashion industry to where we are today where we have the potential to go into the future and make it smart and sustainable,” says the secretary general of Axfoundation Carolina Sachs.