SPACE by rmh brought streetwear to Fashion Week Stockholm this season. On Monday at Scenkonstmuseet, six Swedish streetwear designers, including STAI, Hi On Life and Tafari Gold, exhibited their latest collections. Having streetwear brands participating in an established fashion event such as Fashion Week is an effort to blur the line between high fashion and streetwear. It is also a reflection of what contemporary fashion and what is in demand right now. Favouring a more inclusive environment and inviting a younger generation to be part of Fashion Week, is essential to Swedish fashion’s future.

Following the street wear showcase, a talk with founder of streetwear label Off-White, Virgil Abloh, was hosted at SPACE by rmh. On Tuesday afternoon, Abloh together with Heron Preston, designer of HPC Trading Co., Babak Azarmi of RMH, and stylist/costume designer Selam Ghirmay Fessahaye discussed street wear and how it is developed into something more than a trend. It is a subculture complete with a music scene. The streetwear culture applies to more than just clothes — it is nearing a lifestyle. The talk was moderated by Robert Zillion.

Virgil Abloh made a point of how he wants to encourage young people to start businesses and pursue their passion. “This is the best time in our history to be young”, he said, referring to all the opportunities out there. He also spoke about the importance of sharing success and helping the youth. Heron Preston pointed out that it takes courage, saying “I want young creative kids to take more risks”.



After the talk, this is Sweden revealed a photography exhibition called  “this is Sweden, this is our voices”, a unique presentation of 33 portraits created in collaboration with photographer Patricia Reyes.

”The exhibition is a celebration of the people who have inspired us and a platform where we praise each other. We aim to make more voices heard”, explains Ana Londono, designer and cofounder of this is Sweden.


Photography: Elsa Soläng

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