This seasons collection is inspired by Nina Simone’s song Feeling Good. How is the song being reflected? 
”We picked up the optimistic and the hopeful. The collection i built on what’s optimistic and hopeful. The collection is built on optimistic symbols as sunrises and bursting buds. Subconsciously it was a way to chose the dream about the positive in a rather dystophic time.”

You’ve been working with empowering women for a long time. Why did that become a part of your brand?
”It’s not that we started to steer the brand in that direction it has always been a cornerstone in why Rodebjer exists. We just grew bigger and that’s why my initial idea became bigger and more clear.”

We recently spoke with Johan Lindeberg about how clothes empowers ones self-image. Why do you think clothes matters so greatly when it comes to our self-image? 
”Because it’s an extention of our identity, of who we arena who we want to become. It’s about who we identify with and not.”

Clothes has a history in taking a stand in opinions and personality. Why do you think fashion and politics has become so intertwined? 
”Maybe that’s exactly why, we’re taking a stand by how we dress. Doesn’t most things belong together somehow? Fashion also shows a financial and cultural belonging and status. You can show if you belong or not. It’s a very powerful tool.”

How do you work with making clothes radiate power when you’re empowering women? 
”It’s a very complex question and almost impossible to answer in a couple of questions. In some sense weakness is strength and strength is weakness, so I never think in the sense that women clothing would be weaker. I mostly think of how to make things easier to our customer. The will to give something that means something to me is important and if it can lead to someone becoming happier, feeling more attractive, stronger, truer, more comfortable, that means I’ve succeeded.”

What are you looking forward ti the most this season?
”I don’t know if one can say this, but I look forward to working with my own show the most.”