The Swedish fashion industry grew by 15.3 percent and generated 305 billion sales in 2015. This is the largest increase since launching in 2011, according to a report published by twelve organisations from the Swedish fashion industry.

The Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB), along with eleven partnership organizations *, has mapped out the Swedish fashion industry in a detailed report published by the information company Volante Research.

Both exports and domestic market has grown in 2015. Exports rose by 19.6 percent and the domestic market grew by 7.0 percent. The export figure for the fashion industry can be compared with that Swedish exports overall increased by 7.4 percent in 2015 compared with the previous year.

“The Swedish fashion industry continues to show an incredible force both domestically and internationally, and thereby consolidate its role as one of Sweden’s strongest creative and cultural industries.” Says Emma Ohlson, general secretary of the ASFB

The report is in its 5th year of development since 2011 when for the first time comprehensively mapped the economic scale of the Swedish fashion industry.

Since records began, there has been an increase in sales by almost 50 percent 207-305 billion and a near doubling of exports.

“The interest in Swedish fashion continues to increase worldwide. The fashion industry in 2015 had the fastest export growth, which depends on both the Swedish designers make stylish clothes and Swedish brands create innovation around sustainability and innovation. This year we have also chosen to keep the MFA Sweden Promotes Days in Stockholm Fashion District, Nacka Strand, because we see the exciting developments in the fashion industry.” Says Ann Linde, EU and Trade.

The Swedish fashion industry employed over 58 000 people in 2015, a 4 percent increase compared to 2015. The employment base is dominated by women (more than 3 out of 4 employees are women).

Compared with the employment market as a whole, women are more often represented in senior decision-making positions. The proportion of female CEO’s is twice as high in the fashion industry as in other business, at 31 percent versus 16 percent on average. The proportion of female CEOs in the fashion industry has increased by 2 percent since 2015 and the percentage in other businesses.

For more information please contact:
Emma Ohlson, Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands
emma.ohlson@asfb.se or 070-752 49 58

* The 11 partner organizations with ASFB is Agenturföretagen, Centre for Fashion Studies, Confederation of Swedish Fashion, Fashion Stores, Fashion Incubator, Proteko, Swedish Form, the Swedish Trade Federation, the Swedish Textile Traders, Swedish Fashion Council, TEKO Swedish textile and fashion companies and Textiles in Borås.