Grand Hôtel has guarded the waters of Stockholm since 1874. Situated by the harbor the old building was made to house international guests and show off how grand our city actually could be. This fall it will house Fashion Week Stockholm for the first time and promises to provide it’s guests with grand glamour and champagne.

What does it feel like to be the new official arena? 
”Experiences and design has always been a huge part of Grand Hôtel, which is why we’re very excited about being the new show arena for Fashion Week Stockholm.”

The actual building itself has a grand historical heritage in Stockholm, how will that be reflected in this seasons Fashion Week?
”As the official arena we will create exciting as well as obvious meetings between history and creativity. It’s the meeting between the expected and the unexpected that makes it interesting.”

Will the new arena be meaning that Fashion Week Stockholm can look forward to any exciting changes? 
”We’re entering as an active participant in Fashion Week and will be offering activities in the house, even for those who hasn’t gotten a personal invitation. This so that as many as possible will take part in the slpendour that is Fashion Week Stockholm. Among other things we’ll be putting together a fashion lounge with a temporary champagne bar were we’ll be live streaming all the shows, have fashion related gigs in the Cadier bar and an exhibition by the artist and designer Bea Szenfeld in our lobby.”

What are you looking forward to the most this week? 
”To be able to offer an open venue to fashion profiles, our guests at the hotel and to a public that has a great interest in fashion.”