The arrival of Fashion Week Stockholm does rarely go by unnoticed. Over night the city is transformed to a fashion frenzy celebrated by the industries most fanatic believers. The production of Fashion Week Stockholm doesn’t happen over night, and one of it’s perhaps most central figures is Emma Ohlson, Secretary General of Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB), that watches over Fashion Week from beginning to end.

You’ve had a long career in the fashion industry, how did you become Secretary General for ASFB?
“I’ve been working in the fashion industry during most of my professional life, with the exception of three years at Unicef. It was during my time at Unicef that I started to long for the fashion world again, where I’d previously worked as both a journalist at Elle, The Times, Wallpaper* and as a PR consult at Patriksson Communication. So I was of course very interested when I was asked to become Secretary General for ASFB. It’s both honoring, challenging and incredibly inspiring to be working towards gathering and supporting the Swedish fashion industry.”

What is your role during Fashion Week Stockholm? 
“Since ASFB is a small organization I’m involved in everything from the overall strategy before Fashion Week Stockholm to the small details such as goodie bags to the international press. The role of ASFB is first and foremost to enable and give advice to our members regarding the presentation of their collections, so much of my time therefore goes to consulting and to organize the official show schedule. Fashion Week Stockholm is such an amazing platform, and we want to raise questions regarding the industry, so I’m very involved in putting together themes for the different speakers at Fashion Talks. During Fashion Week I try to go to as many of the shows as possible. Partially because I’m curious about what the brands will be presenting, but also because it’s my job to make sure that everything works, that the brands, sponsors and guests leave Fashion Week Stockholm happy and inspired.”

What do you think is going to be the most talked about from this season’s Fashion Week Stockholm? 
“The line up for Fashion Week Stockholm SS18 is great and includes a lot of interesting labels, both well established ones and some interesting newcomers. It’s always difficult to say what’s going to be the talk of the town without having seen the collections, but I think that Björn Borg’s show at the Royal Tennis Club will be very powerful.”

What are your thoughts regarding the new collaboration with Grand Hôtel? 
“We’re so glad to have Grand Hôtel as a partner and the official arena to Fashion Week Stockholm. Grand is supplying us with two amazing show venues and a five star service for our guests and participants, I can’t wait!”

Can you give us a tease for this upcoming Fashion Week Stockholm?
“Not yet – watch this space!”