You work for Brand Experience Scandinavia with the sponsors of Fashion Week Stockholm. What does your work with the Fashion Week Stockholm partners look like?
”What’s most fun about our work at BES is that so many brands has an interest in fashion and are often very happy when we contact them from Fashion Week when we find that their product, company or service relevant for Fashion Week. Fashion Week is a very strong brand that one can do a lot together with as a partner, and we’re now trying to welcome industries that might not have an obvious connection to fashion, but that stands for great values. A big part of the job is to present Fashion Week in its present mode, but also the vision for what the week could be and where we see that the sponsor or partner could fit in.”

Among many others, American Express are the main sponsors. What does their support mean practically for fashion week?
”Without them Fashion Week wouldn’t be possible. We’re of course incredibly grateful that they’ve chosen to invest in our Fashion Week.”

Do we have any new partners for this season?
”Amongst others Red Bull, Alfa Romeo and Specsavers are very interesting sponsors that will contribute with many interesting activations during both January and August.”

How has Fashion Week Stockholm developed during the years with the support from sponsors?
”Fashion Week is changing like everything else in this world. Trends and the way that we choose to communicate reflects how our sponsors wants to engage with their brand. We try to see Fashion Week as a platform where we can communicate a completeness rather than individual messages. We’re moving further and further towards creating overall ideas and concepts that we can activate within our partners.”

What are your hopes for the future in terms of sponsorship and development?
”Our hope is of course that the week will grow, become more available and offer more people to participate. And for our sponsors we see that they will choose us as a platform to launch new campaigns, services and products. It would be exciting if Fashion Week also could be a collaborating place where new initiatives is created.”