Chiquelle, one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the Nordics, will be Fashion Week Stockholm’s official fashion partner this Autumn. Chiquelle is known for it’s social media presence, pop-up stores, fast-fashion element and AR-technology.

The company announced a couple of months ago it will launch an AR-app where customers can make avatars and look a likes projected anywhere and mix and matching clothing. More will be announced during Fashion Week Stockholm.

“We believe that Chiquelle is the right fashion partner in this edition of Fashion Week Stockholm, focusing on the latest trends, fashion and future (technology),” says Pouya Boland, CEO of Chiquelle.com. “We have many activities planned in partnership with Fashion Week Stockholm which will be announced soon”.

“We are very excited to have Chiquelle again on board at our great event this year as the Official Fashion Sponsor. Chiquelle is an unique and exclusive fashion brand which is focusing on the latest trends and quality products. We are happy to have them on board,” says Andreas Thiel, Commercial Director at Fashion Week Stockholm.