Chosen from amongst the most promising fashion design talents from Europe L’HOMME ROUGE won the menswear 2017/18 International Woolmark Prize the Europe regional final alongside with David Laport that won the womenswear prize. The Prize has celebrated outstanding fashion talents from around the globe who showcase Merino wool since 1953 and has previously been won by the likens of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeldt. This is the first time a Swedish fashion brand ever to win the prestigious award.

L’HOMME ROUGEs designer Jonatan Härngren took his inspiration for the winning look from the maritime lifestyle of the Swedish west coast and its tradition of boat building. And his unique interpretation of the Swedish fisherman heritage put in an urban contemporary context offered a variety of functional features such as water repellency and anti-wrinkle alongside fishnet knitwear and work wear influences.

“For me, L’HOMME ROUGE’s buttoned-down shirt re-interpreted in 100% Merino wool and the subtle wrinkling effect that made the fabric look like the wrinkling of a ships sale made the entire concept well thought through and cohesive and it was executed beautifully,” explains Tamu McPherson, influencer and panel judge.

The winners revieced 500,00 Swedish krona to develop the brand and a place in the international finale with a chance to win 1,3 million Swedish krona.

”We’re incredibly happy, after such hard work you’re just very happy to receive the opportunity to come here and present an idé and process that’s been very interesting to us. The collection is inspired by boat building, which is a topic that’s been a natural part of my upbringing. That made this extra special,” says Jonathan Härngren, designer of L’HOMME ROUGE.