Last season you showed your first collection at Fashion Week Stockholm and gained a lot of positive reactions. What did it feel like to receive that kind of response?
”Fashion is an inuitive game and we always begin from within ourselves and try to grasp a feeling that is surrounding us. Seeing it resonate with others made us feel like we reached a sense of community together with the audience and the creators.”

Many critics mentioned that your expression is something they’ve felt the industry has been lacking. What do you think they were responding to?
”Desire is wanting something you did not know you want.”

You work with challenging norms and expressions in an otherwise rather normative industry, how do work your creative expression to bring light to these issues?
”We design from a norm-negative space. Everything is allowed. The story and character define the garment.”

Your previous collection Velvet & Cream focused on neon signs, broken hearts and the search for eternal love. What are your thoughts on love in todays society, can it survive?
”There is a strong sense of love in the contemporary society. Humans tend to focus on the negative as an instinct for survival – but culture is currently on a high, besides all the critique stating a lack of originality. We are an over-informed and over-demanding society that forgot to value the achievements we are embedded within. Compared to the 1920s Weimarer Republik when sexual and artistic freedom were on it’s peak, our digital age has given us access to self-fulfilment and self-expression. It’s just not physical anymore. But we will always be dressing up to be ourselves.”

The way you describe your collections makes it seem like you are quite political as designers. Are you political people? 
”We’re non-political. We want to create reality.”

You work as a duo, how much of your inspiration do you get from each other?
”It’s really the combination of contradictory but complimentary skills and characters. Craft and idealism, making and dreaming, cutting and writing.”

When we had a chat with you last season before Fashion Week AW17 you said that you wanted your clothes to radiate freedom. What is freedom in fashion to you? 
”Freedom in fashion means dressing the way you feel inside and realizing that everyone around you will love you when you wear your heart out.”

What has inspired this seasons collection? 
”It’s a portrait of self-obsession – and the beauty and the sadness in it.”

What do you expect from this seasons Fashion Week Stockholm? 
”For it to be unpredictable.”