Lysa Cooper. Photo Beata Holmgren/Studio Emma Svensson

Lysa Cooper, Fashion Blogger/Stylist

What are your expectations for Whyred Woman show?
“I think I generally don’t have any expectations about anything because I like to be surprised. I think for me these last few days being with you guys from fashion week I keep becoming very impressed by what’s happening here at the moment.”

Do you have any favorite looks so far?
“We went to the very opening show with all the young students and there was one student there that did sort of very graffiti acts, even Sprouse moments. I should now the name because I wrote it down but that was my favorite thing so far and it was from a student. It was really cool. It looked like Steven Sprouse.”


Left: Labériane Ponton Photo Beata Holmgren/Studio Emma Svensson

Labériane Ponton, Fashion Blogger/Stylist

What were your expectations for the shows this week?
“I always know that the Scandinavian people are doing great and very minimal designs but I expect to see more creative, funny and crazy shapes. I know that they will do something very clean, elegant and minimal but I want to see something more crazy, more fashion week.”

What is your favorite swedish brand?
“I love House of Dagmar. I would say that my three favorites are House of Dagmar, Rodebjer and Carin Wester. Oh, and Filippa K. “