Björn Borg and Craig Green’s models in dirt SS16
The label, otherwise mostly known for it’s underwear collections, created something truly great and gritty together with Craig Green. Traditionally Björn Borg’s tennis heritage has always steered the brand to a somewhat polished and put together look that were greatly smudged four seasons ago. We expect great things from them this season also.

Ida Klamborn’s pussy power display AW16
Truthfully we’re never going to get over when Ida Klamborn made all of Stockholm wear “Super Mega Pussy Vagina” t-shirts. It’s unforgettable because the fashion show never really ended and turned into a permanent empowerment riot.

Lazoschmidl turned Kulturhuset into Frankfurts Redlight District AW17
Lit by installation art by Keith Sonnier and Bruce Nauma Lazoschmidls boys walked down a fluorescent catwalk wearing bright lacquer and sheer silk. They searched for eternal love and freedom and found a lover in it’s audience.

Cheap Monday’s models walked through a mushroom land
The excitement here lies in the Alice in Wonderlandesque dreamworld Cheapmonday has built. The models appeared to be scuba diving in stiff materials through a psychedelic and yet minimalistic dream.

Diana Orving made everyone cry SS16

The designer created playful garments, that’s made for dancing. It encourages movement by the body and when her models came down the runway in a well choreographed dance routine the powerful mixture of sheer fabrics and heavy drums were the cause of a heavy emotion overload.