As a representative for the Swedish fashion industry and synonym with Scandinavian minimalism Filippa Knutsson initiate this seasons fashion week, Sunday 21 January, by introducing Beckmans college of design which is opening this season. With her entrepreneurship, creative work and her long experience in the fashion industry Filippa Knutsson has reached great success in the industry, both locally and internationally. During the opening Knutsson will reflect on the role that Swedish fashion is playing on the global scene from an international perspective.

“I fell honoured to initiate Fashion Week Stockholm as a representative spokesperson for Swedish fashion. The Scandinavian design aesthetics is something worth to be proud of, from a global perspective it is something a lot of people associate with a conscious fashion industry thru values as minimalism, simplicity, quality and sustainability,” says Filippa Knutsson, Creative Director and cofounder to Filippa K.

Fashion Week Stockholm will further on affirm the link between fashion, interiors and art and is more than ever situated in-between fashion and arts. A majority of the interpretations of the next season’s collections is an outlet for artistic interoperations and expressions of interior and environments.

“Filippa Knutsson is one of the leading figures and spokesperson for Swedish fashion and we are proud to have her initiate Fashion Week Stockholm since she has a great relevance for it. Fashion week is constantly evolving and this season we are presenting a remarkable mix of fashion shows. As always the presentations and installations have love for fashion, shaping and expression at main topic,” says Emma Ohlson, the General secretary at Association of Swedish Fashion Brands.