Lukas Hofmann / Amaze.

Fashion Week in Stockholm presents a number of exciting events at ArkDes and Moderna Museet. AMAZE, the alternative platform of fashion and art, is showing collection presentations and unique textile collages. Fashion and Artist Talks will also be held during the evening including Ann-Sofie Back, Ingrid Giertz-Mårtensson and Daniel Birnbaum.

Tuesday evening is organized with the occasion of the exhibition Yayoi Kusama – In Infinity, which appears on ArkDes and Moderna Museet. Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929) is one of today’s most acclaimed artists. The exhibition spans her entire career from the early 50’s until today and presents a rich selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture, several never before seen pieces and a series of new painting created especially for the exhibition.

This is also the first comprehensive exhibition commemorating Kusamas great interest in fashion and design. There is a showcase from her acclaimed collaboration with the fashion house Louis Vuitton in 2012, and the avant-garde garments from The Nude Company, a brand she founded in 1968.

“Yayoi Kusama is not limited to one form of expression, but moves freely between art, design and fashion. Often it is a part of another part – an installation becomes a display window, a work of art becomes a fashion item. Kusamas practice of design is an important part of the activist side of her artistry”, says Jo Widoff, curator of the exhibition.

AMAZE, the experimental platform for Swedish fashion, is presenting interactive installations directed by Alva Johansson, performance with the designer Lukas HofmannBarbara Klawitter and Nico Arauner. Two static installations and one video installation by Patrik Söderstam and Patriksson Communication and lastly Touch My Blanket exhibition where 24 different artists and designers contributes with pictures of 10 unique collages printed on woven blankets. The blankets are presented during the evening as a part of AMAZE. The creators behind the exhibition among others includes Ann-Sofie Back, Baba Stiltz, Nhu Duong and Nicole Walker, co-founder of AMAZE.

In a short amount of time AMAZE has succeeded to form an unique platform for art and fashion, now for the first time participating in collaboration with Fashion Week in Stockholm. Together with a selection of creators AMAZE will continue to challenge its own existence.