This season, we are seeing comprehensive social involvement at various levels being highlighted in a number of events sponsored by the industry as well as by individual brands. This includes the launch of the Week by Kajsa Guterstam, acting General Secretary of the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands. During the press conference, she will present a forceful initiative as to how one of the Swedish fashion industry’s major challenges – namely, export growth – can be promoted, whilst encouraging both the state and private actors to commit to this.

The goal of most designers to reach out and demonstrate where they stand, together with Fashion Week, is also discernible. Ida Klamborn, who last year was responsible for a powerful showing and one of Fashion Week’s most acclaimed collections, says:

“I have firm convictions based on gender equality. Many eyes are focused on me during the viewing days and it seems obvious to use the opportunity to spread my vision and to fight against racism and for feminism through my creativity.”

Hunkydory is sponsoring the season’s opening show at Berns in the Stora Salongen, to be followed by classical viewings interactive presentations, performances and seminars.

Open events taking place during the week. include Fashion Bar at Berns Terrass, in addition to Fashion Talks,“About Smart Wardrobes” and Fashion Night. During Fashion Night, BACK, who will have already mounted a scheduled showing on the Wednesday, present an open viewing at NK, Ljusgården on Thursday at 6:30pm. During the Week, streamed live showings will be presented at Berns Terras, which will include interviews with Sweden’s foremost designers and fashion personalities. There will also be other activities on offer, such as a cocktail and photography school and a hair studio. The Fashion Bar is open August 26 to 28, from 11: 00 to 01:00.

Buses leave Raoul Wallenbergs Torg for all the viewings at Båthall 1. For departure times, see attached bus schedule.