Fashion Week Calling: Buying Director Ida Petersson

Working as a buyer is a little bit like being the palm reader of the fashion industry. We called Ida Petersson, the Womenswear Buying Director at Browns, to talk about her job and the future.

Why did you want to become a buyer?
”The idea of shopping on a larger scale was completely irresistible to me. The fact that I get to spend each and every day looking at amazing product puts a smile on my face.”

Please tell us a bit about a ”normal” work day!
”One of the many reasons I love my job is that there is no such thing as a ‘normal day’ and no two days are ever the same. Even on the occasion when I’m absolutely sure what my day is going to look like, I will walk into the office and one email will change everything.”

What’s the science behind foreseeing trends?
”A mixture of targeted analysis and gut feeling. You need both to be a successful buyer.”

Could you name a few trends that will define SS19?
”At this point I’ve only seen the pre-collections so there is still a lot of references to the previous season, however, I am excited about a return to femininity and fashion celebrating women for women. On the flip side, we are still seeing a lot of genderless clothing which is something I still feel very strongly about. Additionally, we’ve been seeing neon, tie dye, long prairie dresses, Soviet-era punk references and an ongoing fascination with the 80s.”

What role do you think Scandinavian fashion plays internationally?
The Scandinavian aesthetic has for some time, and I hope will continue to be, a reference point for fashion globally. It’s a phrase I hear numerous times each season to describe a collection or feeling.”

How has the increased importance of social media influenced the way you work as a buyer?
”Social media has in the past few years become an important source for finding new talent. These days, a young designer can make an impact on the fashion industry without a lot of financial backing or need to invest in advertising.”

What markets should you pay extra attention to right now?
”To Browns, new talent is an extremely important part of our business so off schedule markets in general are exciting to us as I feel this is where some of the most interesting talents are coming from at this moment.”