Fashion Week Stockholm AW17 at the Ida Klamborn show. Photo: Mai Nestor.


Tell us about the story of the champagne Paques.
“Champagne Paques et Fils is a craftsman of four generations wineries, so it is an enriched Champagne that we now have the opportunity to get acquainted with. When Fashion Week Stockholm asked if we wanted to join, there was nothing to hesitate. We see it as a very worthy and stylish introduction to the market here in Sweden.”

Tell us about the taste.
“Our champagne has a well-balanced dryness and sweetness that suits almost every occasion, at least when it’s ok to drink alcohol.”

Historically, both champagne and fashion have a strong connection to France. 
“It’s as you say two parts of France’s culture that the whole world admires and can not be plagued. They belong together in a clear way and are ingredients to a genuine sense of fashion, luxury and enjoyment.”

What would happen if you get champagne on your clothes?
“Then you know that it is a great party so just laugh and arrange a refill!
There is probably a lot of tips on how to take care of the stain. Let’s hope that no expensive fine clothes get too much champagne during Fashion Week Stockholm.