Release party with Form Magazine and Nilleditions

This Fashion Week evening is a tribute to the creative work ethic of the autumn. A new issue of the design and architecture magazine Form has arrived – as well as a new book about the difficult art of becoming a designer, Ädellaboratoriet by designer-author Sara Engberg. You can find the release at Svensk Form in the library and garden at Skeppsholmen, next to the Modern Museum. From 4pm – 22pm Wednesday 30 August. Subscribe to the list by attending the Facebook event or email

The evening schedule:

16.15 Talk (in Swedish) about the working conditions in the design sector, the death of post irony and the importance of money. How and why do we survive? And what will the future’s fashion and design world bring?

Salka Hallström Bornold
Deputy Editor-in-chief Form

In the panel:

Philip Warkander
Senior lecturer in Fashion Science at Lund University

Emilia Engblad
Contributing Editor Form, Designer and Art Historian

Sara Engberg
Designer and author

Göran Sundberg
Lector in Fashion Design at Beckman’s Design College, designer and journalist

Nille Svensson
Designer and publisher at Nilleditions

17.30 Sara Engberg reads from the book Ädellaboratoriet
18.00 Q&A and further discussions.
18:30 – 22:00 FORM party

About the book Ädellaboratoriet by Sara Engberg:
Publisher: Nilleditions

“The book Ädellaboratoriet is the story of a person in a desperate struggle to get attention for her artistic work. It is a story about the unspoken power structures of the art world, and its destructive power – and at the same time a burning declaration of love for the arts industry.”

Find the the Facebook event here.