Mouche The Apartment x Swedish Fashion Council presents Swedish Fashion Talents Jewellery

Visionary Voices at Mouche Pop-Up Apartment
Mouche and Swedish Fashion Council proudly present the winners of Swedish Fashion Talents 2017, jewellery category. Using new cuts to classic diamonds and creatively crafting modern materials into durable designs praising the personal style, this years winner truly gaze into tomorrow. The contrasting creations of KSV Jewellery, Baumgarten Di Marcos sustainable styles and the versatile and personal pieces of Bow Label are all part of Fashion Week Stockholm jewellery lounge at Mouche Pop-Up apartment. Meet the designers, get exclusive interviews and mingle in a curated context where the winners design are put on display. Presentations for press only, but the exhibition will be open to the public throughout Fashion Week Stockholm.Visionary Voices is an initiative initiated by Mouche to support the forward thinking of the Swedish fashion industry.