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The brand Whyred is – Contrasts, Heritage and Art, Music & Tailoring. CONTRASTS where the expected meets the unexpected in a nonchalant elegance. HERITAGE to make well-made fashion inspired of classic and historical garments. ART, MUSIC & TAILORING where a sophisticated mix of different art forms characterize the essence of the brand. This is Whyred!

For WHYRED art is not an end-in itself. It’s an opportunity for us to criticize the times we’re living in.

Designer: Roland Hjort & Jonas Bladmo Stylist: Tereza Ortiz, LundLund Hair: Kalle Eklund, LundLund Music: Luciana Leiva Show Coordinator: Peter Andersson, PAP Studio


The Whyred AW17 collection has been inspired by Aniara, a science- ction poem written by the Swedish Nobel Prize laureate Harry Martinson in 1956 about a spaceship of the same name. As well as the literary work itself, the sets created by the renowned Swedish artist Sven “X: et” Erixson for the 1959 production of Aniara, staged by the Royal Opera in Stockholm, provided many of the references. Erixson’s original drawings have been used for prints that appear on some of the pieces, injecting a kind of playfulness into the clothes and bringing interesting new elements to other parts of the design.

Another strong in uence in the collection is the early Stones look of the 1963 -1965, which can be seen in the tailored, clean lines and use of high-quality materials such as wool, tweed and silk. In contrast to this neatness, looser shapes, asymmetric hemlines, fantasy and deconstructed prints, fur details, sharp boots in contrast to chunky boots can also be found

The men’s silhouette is a tailored eclectic mix of slim and larger shapes, high waists and relaxed and con dent layering. Diverse textures of fabrics such as leather and mohair add energy to the surfaces of tweed and pure ne wool.

The women’s silhouette is build with tailored elements as well as New Wave in uences. Baggy pants, short skirts and double breasted jackets. Humoristic details such as zippers and fur.

The palette is dark, woody, earthy and natural, with smooth but distinct and striking accents of yellow, pale blue, bright and burned red. Mixed up with the plain colours are the prints from Erixson’s paintings, as well as some new takes on classic patterns, such as hound’s tooth and herringbone.

The details are an important keyword for Whyred AW17. Features including printed linings and eye-catching accents on collars, pockets and lapels are all part of the collection’s DNA and add to the feeling of individuality. And just as Erixson’s artworks were largely in uenced by organic shapes and metaphors, so Whyred’s design is full of vitality and dynamic elements – all set in a surreal context, which draws everything back to the journey of the spaceship Aniara and its passengers.



Palm trees and pool waves. David Hockney’s modernistic paintings and colour palette from the 1960s.

“Bricolage” is the theme of the collection for this season and is given expression in form of creating new meaning from the old, colour-blockings, Layer on Layer and mix of materials.

The silhouette is classic and modern playful, effortless and tailored. Casually dressed, dressed up dressed down.

Details of recognition are tassels, badges and feather boas.

Designer Roland Hjort Stylist Tereza Ortiz / LUNDLUND
Show Coordinator
 Peter Andersson / PAP Studio





Whyred is art, music & tailoring. The characteristic of WHYRED design is wearable garments with a modern touch. Garments inspired by various uniforms, chinos, classic t-shirts and, of course, the parka. These are pieces that, we believe, deserve to be honored and preserved. Many of these pieces have grown into our trademark signature pieces, that we today call our HEROES.


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