This autumn/winter 2017 collection is inspired by a truly mysterious atmosphere flirting with the 80s, embracing women and their strong power.

Seductively stylish and sometimes dangerous forces, set the theme this season. Our main influence comes from characters of science-fiction-horror, portraying an impossible love affair and an uncertain future.

The forest, the universe and the supernatural become one in a new parallel world.

Designer: Valerie Aflalo Stylist: Naomi Itkes & team Hair: Davines Makeup: Bare Minerals Music: Seán O’Reilly Show Coordinator: Peter Andersson





The end is its origin.
A walk on the beach where two oceans melt into one.
The sound of the waves and the wind in her hair.
Eyes filled with promise of a love without sound.
Two stones melting into one.
Warm and cold.
Hard and soft.
Like pearls on a thread.
It is how you remember it.

“The summer I spent in the south of Spain inspired me for this collection. The fascinating barren landscape, the soft sand and dense vegetation. Picking shells and stones on the endless beach remembered me of what life is all about and brought back memories from when I was a child growing up. Nostalgic moments like night swimming, building sandcastles and summer love.”

Structures and prints are found in cracked stones and rocks with colourful secrets inside. Two colour schemes are used from warm colours like cream, mustard, gold, nude, terracotta pink and bordeaux to a colder version with dull tones of blue, steel grey, black and dark silver metallic tones.

Feminine shapes are created to bring back memories from the time growing up in the 80s-90s.

Designer: Valerie Stylist: Maria Barsoum Hair: Unite, F&M Make-up: Mia Högfeldt Music: David L Show Coordinator: Peter Andersson



Valerie is a well known established Swedish fashion brand with a growing position on the Swedish market. The designer and founder behind the brand is Valerie Aflalo. She grew up in a fashion entrepreneurial family and her father introduced Yves Saint Laurent in Scandinavia in the early 70s. The company is still one of the leading agents in Scandinavia. When Valerie returned from her trainee position with Renato Nucci in Paris, she started her own brand in 2006.

The concept is to design and promote high fashion, from an everyday style to evening wear with an individualistic edge. The clothes have a unique look combining Swedish design and French luxury. There is a great passion of finding characteristic European made fabrics, such as embroidered tulle, jacquards, lace and silk crepes. All the details and fabrics used are always carefully picked with high quality and symbolize the dna of the brand. The collection is mainly produced in Europe, with exception of the hand embroidered pieces.

In April 2012 Valerie launched her first concept shop in the fashionable MOOD Stockholm. The shop also has a webshop reaching the whole world. At the moment Valerie is represented in around 80 retailers in Scandinavia and abroad.


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