BRINN – Ode to the changemakers, is AndeliusGribbes new collection created in cooperation with Elsa Ekman. The collection consists of 12 pieces of jewelry visually inspired by a sunrise, symbolizing that a new day is on the horizon. With this collection AndeliusGribbe wants to pay tribute to people who contribute to positive change in society. No less than twelve truly outstanding women, all with burning engagement and clear agendas for change, are the official ambassadors of the new collection. With BRINN, AndeliusGribbe above all wants to inspire and encourage everyone to make a positive change. Their conviction is: We all can, and need to be, CHANGEMAKERS!

Designer: AndeliusGribbe

The motto of creating the collection was “How can fashion help save the planet?” Then a recycling project and the chance inspired this collection. Sustainable, fashionable and environmentally friendly jewelry was then created through a water casting technique. Exciting organic shapes were created when melted silver residual was thrown into water and solidified as they encountered the water surface. The shapes become what the viewer’s eye wants them to be.

Designer: Sofia Holpp

Each collection is created around a fictional character that resonates both with the designer Andreas Danielsson’s personal development as well as it personifies the brand’s values of being a free and open minded person.

SS19 is about breaking out of preset paths and expectations and start creating your own way.

Designer: Andreas Danielsson

The spring summer  2019 collection is about stereotypical essentials of the summer. With inspiration from beach life mixed up with our interpretation of the 80’s camperstyle. We’re working with contrasts such as creating a clash with naked bikini features and colorful retro towels by adding garments made out of men’s chinos and office-shirts transformed into something new with exaggerated utility details.

Designer: Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück Show Coordinator: PAP Studio

The SS-19 collection has drawn it’s inspiration from the roots of nature. The signature capsule collection represent beauty, power, strength and colorful statements to inspire others.

Designer: Rebecca Björnsdotter


For AW18 Bill Murray has been the main source of influence. A character of many interesting attributes, but it’s his self-confidence and none-existing need to accumulate to what’s expected that has shaped the collection. It’s an interpretation of the public figure Bill Murray. Reflecting his diverse persona the collection consists of an eclectic range of garments and accessories.

From basics, such as grey sweatshirts and hoodies, to the multi-pocketed and practical fisherman vest
and comfortable corduroy jeans on to more eccentric faux fur pieces, and finishing off with some new headwear for the season including caps and bucket hats.

There are some obvious sports references in the collection as well, as the dad-core:ified checkered baseball shirts.
the golf associated “Pebble Beach” printed tops with its undeniable, and the velvet side-striped track pants in an soft 100% wool fabric. All curated into the PRLE aesthetic.

Andreas Danielsson Stylist: Niklas Lundqvist Hair: Grazette of Sweden Make up: Makeup Academy, Linda Mehrens

Breaking new ground

2018 it is the 50th anniversary of the student riots in Paris 1968. We try to find that spirit and the breaking of new ground for women in a modern interpretation. The collection is a mix of traditional menswear seemed to be borrowed from your boyfriend or dad and womenswear flirting with 60’s couture but ripped or unfinished. The ”good girl” falls apart. La bourgeoisie falling apart. Clashes of tones of greens mixed with silver represent hope for a lighter future.

Designer: Anna Blomquist Stylist: Niklas Lundqvist Hair agency: Grazette of Sweden Make up agency: Make up Academy Linda Mehrens Show Coordinator: Swedish fashion council

The main inspiration behind the collection is witches. We wanted to work with recognizable interior fabrics such as checkered table cloths, rugs and heavy cotton laces and combine it with black leather and graphic prints. These materials resembled of the stereotypical clothing of witches that we know from movies and fairytales. For us the witch theme stands for feminism -being powerful and mysterious, sexual and provocative – all the features that we want to highlight in the collection and also what is characteristic for our brand.

Designer: Livia Schück, Josephine Bergqvist Stylist: Niklas Lundqvist Hair agency: Grazette of Sweden Make up agency: Make up Academy Linda Mehrens Show Coordinator: Swedish Fashion Council

For AW18, Rebecca Björnsdotter presents a pared back capsule collection that draws on recognizable Nordic elements – reindeer fur trimming, shearling, pewter wire braiding and the brands’ distinctive Sami-inspired, metallic logo grid heel detailing. The bold colour palette echoes the Scandinavian wilderness; metallics, tans, rich prune combined with bolder accents of poppy red, bright yellow and intense blue.

Designer: Rebecca Björnsdotter

Holpp will show the present, not the future. We release a new collection every season, and work close to the borders of the release. All seasons fall into a consisting line of timeless jewelry. a mix of our favourite pieces and our two latest collections ”Icicled” and ”Silver pearls”.

Collection ”Icicled” was created from spilled silver from another production in what became a naturally flowing and curving appearance with an organic, graphic, geometric element in its final rigid shapes as “icicles”. Collection ”silver pearls” is made from the grace of an barouque pearl, the oddity of the keshi pearls. The melted shape of an coin pearl. they all look different. Diversity is amazing in many ways but What if we found one pearl and love that shape? The love for silver prevented us to go for the pearls them selves. We made moulds from the pearls and casted them in 925 recycled sterling silver.

Designer: Sofia Holpp

Our collection combines fashion and design with ideological awareness and strong values of equality, solidarity and courage. We hope that our jewelry will inspire people to make choices (big or small) that impacts our society and the future in a positive way.

Designer: Karin Andelius och Linda Gribbe Show coordinator: Jessica Korondy Ring


Johannes Adele

Dear all,
Greetings from Mars, where we are spending this spring and summer 2018.
We are mainly relaxing around the pool and taking long walks in the garden wearing our graphic station frotté outfits. You can get them in red or black, they are really cool and comfy.
Yesterday we observed a splendid cosmic dust storm. The locals have beautiful hats which protect them from the radiations but don’t block their view. We’ll bring you a station souvenir brooch.
The red craters are simply stunning. We wish you could join us.
Été Martien

Designer: Johannes Adele Stylist: Robert Rydberg Hair: Grazette of Sweden, Agency Make up: MakeUp Academy Linda Mehrens Music: Jay-Jay Johanson Show Coordinator: PAP Studio and Swedish Fashion Council

Ama Awe

AMA AWE is a swedish progressive fashion brand, with an interest for slow fashion with rhizomatic visions. It’s founded by the designer & illustrator Amandah Andersson in 2015. Amandah graduated from Beckman’s Collage of Design in 2013.

The focus of AMA AWE is to find sustainable ways of the working process, the final garment and the life and soul of it – without compromising with its unique aesthetic values.

AMA AWE designs both special  handmade pieces made in the studio in Stockholm but also ready-to-wear collections produced in the south of Sweden. AMA AWE works with conceptual printdesign, where each print tells its own part of a bigger story. All prints are designed in-house by Amandah and are digitally printed in a kind way on habotai silk, without bad chemicals hurting bodies and nature.

Designer: AMA AWE Stylist: Helena Ekström Hair: Grazette of Sweden, Agency Make up: MakeUp Academy Linda Mehrens Music: Binnie Smalls Show Coordinator: PAP Studio and Swedish Fashion Council


The New World.

The unknown, the journey to new frontiers. The first meeting with the unseen and the exotic. In a mix of Scandinavian minimalism and bravery. The handcrafted and the sublime. The colorful and mythical embraced by the ethnic spirits. 

To break the standards. Daring to be your own hero.

Which is the core values for Dailyroutine SS18.

Designer: Christian Lippich Stylist: Robert Rydberg Hair: Grazette of Sweden, Agency Make up: MakeUp Academy Linda Mehrens Show Coordinator: Swedish Fashion Council

Naemi Gustavsson

Collection02 ´31°` is all about heat, aircondition and some transformative textiles. A constellation of garments with influences from sportswear and functional clothing. The idea for this collection, in which I have developed surfaces that will transform when heated, springs from how the body impacts the useage of garments, like a forced fade out of a denim surface. Material are mix of organic hemp/cotton and recycled sportmaterials.

Designer: Naemi Gustavsson Stylist: Amanda Hörlin Hair: Grazette of Sweden, Agency Make up: MakeUp Academy Linda Mehrens Show Coordinator: Swedish Fashion Council

Baumgarten Di Marco

Sustainability is Baumgarten Di Marco´s strongest and most important hallmark, therefore the collections are not bound to a specific season, but instead seen as an extension of previous collections. Among the new pieces you will find additions to the simple yet exclusive Polki Diamond series, as well as a brand-new line with the magical gemstone Labradorite along with a couple of statement showpieces that stand out in the new collection.

Bow Label

In May 2016 the brand BOW LABEL was launched with 20 products. Categories are earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets with focus on earrings and rings.

During the following year, the collection have expanded and developed. BOW LABEL does not work in seasons but releases news a few times a year. The strategy when developing new products is to make updated versions of the excisting key pieces with the ambition to build a strong base line with a sustainable design philosphy and caractheristic appearance. The base will remain in stock for many years. Some slow sellers are also being removed along the way to give the collection as a whole a more updated and tight feel. Alongside we also work with products that has longer design periods and more complicated product development. These products are a way for us to express our creativity and to build our brand, therefore these products have more unique features as well as a higher price. Our strategy for the assortment in the collection as a whole is to not have too many products in the collection, to be able to really give each and every style their time and place. When we develop new products we view all styles as individuals and we always ask ourselves: is this needed?

KSV Jewellery

Inspired by architecture and nature, “Prologue” is Kristina S. Vučković (KSV Jewellery) first collection working in silver with details of black diamonds and black onyx. The triangle and contrasts are the leitmotiv in all of her work, hand crafted in graphic and organic shapes designed as two collections in one. 

At this coming Fashion Week Stockholm she will show a sneak peek of her upcoming collection “Tear”. 

Tear is a word with many meanings and an interesting word to put into sculptural forms. The collection is all handcrafted in silver with details of fresh water pearls, Keshi pearls.

Keshi is pearls that grew without a nucleus. The pearl is formed when a bead nucleus is rejected and are composed entirely of nacre. All pearls are different and that’s what make it more beautiful and unique.




AMA AWE is a swedish independent fashion brand making slow fashion with rhizomatic visions, founded by the designer & illustrator Amandah Andersson in 2015. Amandah graduated from Beckmans Collage of Design in 2013. The focus of the brand is to find sustainable ways of the working process, the final garment, the life and soul of it – without compromising with its unique aesthetic values. Ama Awe designs both special handmade pieces made in the studio in Stockholm but also ready-to-wear collections produced in the south of Sweden. Ama Awe works with conceptual printdesign, where each print tells its own story and are digitally printed in a kind way without bad chemicals hurting bodies and nature.

JOHANNES ADELE is a unisex brand founded in Paris 2015 by the Swedish designer Johannes Leijonberg and the French designer Adèle Gillardeau. The logo is Morse code for their initials A and J, respecting the idea of an other way of communication, maybe slower but that always goes through. They build their collections on their cultural heritages as well as their past and future travels. The atelier is based in south of france allowing them to stay away from the fashion hecticness, pursuing their own artistic vision. They focus on pure tailoring and cutting in an ongoing process to find the balance between the essential and the tradition. The clothes are made for long lasting durability and comfort, they care about a transparent method where the ethics and focus on quality is clearly seen through each of the pieces. . The materials have been carefully chosen from different countries like Sweden, France, Italy or India. The prints and colors developed and made in house are continuing their experimentation to harmonize fine fabrics with a more natural and variable beauty.

NAEMI GUSTAVSSON is a menswear designer based in Malmö, Sweden. Her work derives from aesthetics of street wear and functional clothing. She experiments in challenging the current silhouette scheme in menswear and has a sustainable approach in the design and production processes of garments.

BAUMGARTEN DI MARCO creates jewelry that achieves the perfect balance between the straightforward simplicity of everyday utility and the grace of casual elegance. The jewelry has a distinctive character that is both elegant and edgy – easy and natural. We work with materials of the highest quality, such as sterling silver 925, 18 k goldplated brass, black rhodium and raw cut diamonds – the signature of Baumgarten Di Marco.Our raw-cut diamonds are slices that remain from the diamond-cutting process – so we make use of the entire precious stone and nothing is wasted. Each piece is unique and crafted by hand using only sustainable materials. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Baumgarten Di Marco products are already carried by 40 carefully selected retailers in Sweden and is growing at the international market as customers are increasingly recognizing the brand. See designer profile for Baumgarten di Marco.

BOW LABEL is a Swedish jewelry brand based in Stockholm. The mix of minimalistic and functional pieces offers a modern perspective on accessorizing. The design duo’s trademark is to create engaging, functional pieces that originate from a unique story or purpose. Every product is an extension of the wearer – a type of armor worn by both men and women. The name bow has many meanings such as the knot, the respectful gesture and the history-changing weapon – but the main reason for the name is actress Clara Bow, a feminist it-girl of the twenties and a famous flapper. See designer profile for Bow Label.

KSV Jewellery is a Stockholm based brand by Kristina S. Vučković, focusing on unisex with a mixture of minimalism and statement jewellery. In her work she combines her expression with fashion & art, with the triangle and contrasts as her leitmotive. In spring 2016, Kristina took her exam at Hantverksakademin as a goldsmith and jewellery designer and the collection “Prologue” was her final exam project. See designer profile for KSV Jewellery.




Swedish Fashion Talents


Swedish Fashion Talents is a not-for-profit project run by the Swedish Fashion Council to support and promote the establishment of new fashion labels and designers. Each year the Swedish Fashion Talents jury selects a specific number of designers who are given the opportunity to appear throughout the year in a variety of venues, including showrooms, exhibitions and fashion shows. The objective is to give the label exposure and aid expansion into the market.

This season the following designers will be showing: Andeliusgribbe, Holpp, Rave Review and Rebecca Björnsdotter.

Andeliusgribbe was founded in 2015 by Karin Andelius and Linda Gribbe, close friends and working partners since many years within the art of dance. The company was born out of their genuine love for aesthetics, but also out of a sincere will to do good. They hope that their design will inspire to equality, solidarity and love. All products are designed by Karin Andelius and Linda Gribbe and sustainably produced at small sites in Sweden. The products are made from surgical stainless steel, and plated with either 24 carat gold or sterling silver. All chains and locks are sterling silver. Environmental consciousness, fair working conditions for producers and female entrepreneurship are great reasons to choose jewelry from andeliusgribbe.

”holpp” is a contemporary gender free jewelry brand focusing on sustainability and equality. Holpp is based in Stockholm and founded by Sofia Holpp in 2015. The designs are characterized by industrial Scandinavian minimalism, and natures organic creations, yet bold in their expressions. Holpp strives to erase all borders between humans to achieve equality though making it possible to create the “special you” with their expressive jewelry.

With ambition to provide edgy, yet wearable clothing the Swedish based brand PRLE (pronounced par-ley) was established through a romanticized image of the seventies and with purpose to provide aesthetic diversity and encourage individualistic expressions to the free individual.

Rave Review is an upcycling clothing line. Rave Review demonstrates progressive re-make and shows how to combine remake and high-end fashion. The numbered collection is designed and produced in Sweden in an exclusive process where uniqueness is guaranteed and quality is uncompromised.

Rave Review was founded in 2017 by Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück. Both graduated from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, in 2016. The first collection was launched during Paris Fashion Week SS18. The SS19 collection is the third and will be shown at Stockholm Fashion Week.

Feel brave, empowered and strong as a bear – this is the message behind Rebecca Björnsdotter, a luxury footwear brand which draws inspiration from its eponymous designers last name, quite literally ’bears daughter’ in Swedish. Founded in 2016, the brand launched its debut AW16 collection showing in London and Paris; where its distinctive point of view – drawing on Viking and Sami art, as well as the richness of Scandinavian landscape – soon caught the eye of leading buyers and editors alike. The brand has been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Josephine Skriver, Caroline Vreeland, Naomi Scott, Skai Jackson as well as Icona Pop; it is currently stocked at NK in Stockholm and Printemps in Paris.

Born and raised in Sweden, Rebecca Björnsdotter is a graduate of London College of Fashions’ prestigious Cordwainers program. She launched her eponymous luxury footwear brand in 2016. The brand reflects Björnsdotters’ uncompromising approach to quality and craftsmanship. All shoes are handmade in Italy, using Italian leathers and bespoke hardware.



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