Stylein’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection is inspired by iconic ballerina Diana Vishneva. The raw strength, body control and artistic expression she personifies are elements that have inspired and has transformed into the collection’s expression, aligned with Stylein’s esthetic trademark, Scandinavian minimalism.

Stylein’s characteristic graphic color scale meets a warm orange, dusty mint and pale nude. Exclusive fabrics such as silk, leather and knitted merino wool, create beautiful dimensions together with distinct silhouettes such as round voluminous arms, a sharp and high waist with long drops at the bottom.

“I am so inspired by Diana’s motivation, strength and persistence. To me, she symbolizes that success is something you have to fight for, it’s nothing that is simply handed to you. It reminds me of my early years as an elite gymnast, that hard work and perseverance is the recipe for perfection. I always try to apply this to my craft and it’s especially true

Designer: Elin Alemdar Stylist: Linn Hägglund Hair: Kevin Murphy Make up: Josephine Scherdin / Mikas LOOKS Music: Anna Kohlin




In Stylein’s latest collection, Timmervik, designer Elin Alemdar finds inspiration at home – from the sober, yet electrifying Scandinavian nature combined with genuine craftsmanship. With the brand’s signature minimalistic expression, Stylein presents its rawest and most honest collection to date.

The color palette ranges from shades of black, navy and dark forest green to soft tones of icy white and bright orange inspired by sea backtorn.

Designer: Elin Alemdar Stylist: Linn Hägglund Hair: Kevin Murphy Make up: Josephine Scherdin / MIKAs LOOKs Music: Anna Kohlin




Stylein’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspired by the YucatecMaya. As always the Scandinavian minimalism is constant throughout the collection, this season with vibrant influences from art and craftsmanship of the Mayans as well as the dynamic surroundings of the Yucatán peninsula. “I’m intrigued by the beauty and mystery of the Mayans. Their way of working with colors and unique techniques in their craftsmanship has guided me through the process of creating this collection”, says Elin Alemdar, Designer and founder of Stylein.

The color scheme is inspired by the nature of the Yucatán peninsula; its deep navy Caribbean Sea during heavy rain, the dark yellow shades of the sun as it sets over the jungle and sand’s soft beige tones along the breathtaking coast line.

This season’s silhouettes are feminine with sharp high waists tailored to perfection. The collection features a line of exclusive leather bags in different sizes and new elements such as beautiful embroidered details and handmade prints.

Designer Elin Alemdar Stylist Linn Hägglund Hair Josefin Scherdin / Mikas LOOKS Make up Kevin Murphy



Desert Modernism

Stylein’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection pays homage to its roots – modern Scandinavian minimalism tailored to perfection.

Swiss architect Albert Frey, the founding father of “Desert Modernism”, serves as the main source of inspiration for the collection. Especially the Palm Spring years (50-60’s), where he playfully incorporated nature’s colors and structures into industrial surfaces, creating an extravagant, yet timeless and minimalistic expression.

In the FW16 collection, Stylein has interpreted unexpected synergies, letting qualities, such as patent black leather blend with soft white cotton together with concrete grey velvet.

Deep and seductive colors, such as dark green, navy and cacao, creates harmony with an industrial graphic scale of crispy white, black and grey. A animalistic python print ties the color palette together.

“My vision is to create a collection that feels as natural and in symbiosis with the female body as Albert’s architecture does with nature’s own elements,” says Elin Alemdar, founder and chief designer, Stylein.

The muse for Stylein FW16 mirrors a strong and confident woman who embraces classic and masculine attributes without hiding her sensuality.




Stylein is a Swedish fashion brand, founded in 2001 by designer Elin Alemdar. The first hand tailored collection was created while Elin was working as a stylist during her studies at Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York City.

Stylein combines a timeless yet contemporary design expression, creating fashion for all occasions. Scandinavian minimalism, fine fabrics and a perfect fit are all essential elements.


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