At STAND we cherish tradition and craft of quality materials. For us the true task is to translate luxurious material such as leather and integrate it into a modern day wardrobe.

The SS19 collection is approached both from an angle of elaborating on timeless classics, and applying unconventional techniques. Some of the pieces were treated with traditional textile techniques, by applying overlock finish and combining delicate leather with lace and heavy topstitch, while other styles were patched in different colors to create a more dynamic and vibrant look. This concept was applied to all, from our softest, sherbet tone leathers to our most dynamic faux furs.

We wanted to approach the idea of elaborated staples, both with a tailored cut and a more relaxed silhouette. On some of our looks, we pushed the idea of proportion, although still making them flattering. The collection has a versatile range of pieces, but the sense of airiness and resort like feeling is strongly present throughout the entire collection.

In order to create depth in the collection, a concept of duality is present in several aspects – one being color. This season, we wanted to explore softer shades of the summer spectrum such as candy and sherbet-like colors. Pale iris, pale yellow and mint green are few to name. To push the idea of color vibrancy, we added acidic red, bright lilac and fuchsia to achieve an overall fun and eclectic feel.

We experimented with the idea of color both within leather and faux fur, which resulted in a range of styles that are both chic and fun. Duality between something chic and day-to-day wear, is one of our main guidelines during the developing process of our collections. The idea of nonchalant sexiness is intriguing, and women who channel that always inspire us.

The Stand girl is aware of where she stands in life and knows exactly what she likes when it comes to style, while still being experimental. She values effortless individuality and quality, at the same time being sexy in a nonchalant way. She is urban, and she dresses up to dress down, while still maintaining the feeling of luxury, that is important to her when it comes to style.

Designer: Nellie Kamras Stylist: Naomi Itkes, Studio Naomi Itkes Hair: Josefin Gligic Make Up: Anya De Tobon Music: Mr. Tophat



At STAND we cherish tradition and craft of leatherwear. For us the true task is to translate luxurious material, such as leather, and integrate it into a modern day woman’s wardrobe. That is why we approached AW18 collection with a range of strong and elaborated staple pieces – as super worked classics.

With AW18 collection we wanted to explore a more relaxed and nonchalant take on investment pieces. That is why the duality between something chic and day to day wear is strongly present in this collection. With leather as a focal point of the collection we explored other materials in conjunction to it. Surfaces that play with an idea of leather imitation that can be seen in patent coated faux furs and experimental surface of a shearlings.

Experimenting with proportions resulted in a rather relaxed silhouette that is running through the entire collection. For this fall winter-collection we developed a rather relaxed silhouette to create enveloping feeling with lush material selection such as leather, faux fur and fine wool blends.

The concept of duality is present even in the color range of the collection. We wanted to push an idea of something very subtil and radical at the same time. Thats why colours such as dusty lavandel, pale blue, neon yellow and technicolor blue are present in this collection. A contrasting feeling of something luxurious and day to day wear is always present in our collections, in one way or another.

STAND girl values effortless individuality and quality at the same time being sexy in a nonchalant way. She is urban and she dresses up to dress down while still maintaining the feeling of lux that is important to her when it comes to style.

This season we are happy to present our first STAND menswear collection. The collection consists of leather classics such as biker jacket and progresses to more elaborated everyday streetwear styles in leather such as quilted jackets and track pants. To soften the sharpness of leather we have added the subtil suede, wool and faux fur to add dimension and richness to the collection.

The entire collection comes together in toned down and urban color pallet, such as navy blue, army green, tan and off-white that complements the classic STAND material selection.






For its Spring Summer 2017 collection, STAND introduces a strong lineup filled with the coming season´s wardrobe essentials, edited to include a sense of lightness and ease. It is a collection made in paper thin leathers and smooth suedes, adding a fluidity and softness to a soothing and light silhouette.

The collection is a clash of two contrasting elements; one consisting of sporty infusions, visible in utilitarian leisure pieces such as the upgraded bomber jacket, a lightweight parka as well as bottoms with elastic waists. The contrasting element is that of softer and romantic influences where frills, fringes, asymmetric lines and belts add femininity and edge to the collection. The recipe for success is to boldly mix the two parts of the collection together to get the contemporary look and casual street wise attitude that is the very fundament of STAND.

As an add on to the Spring Summer 17 Collection, six collaborative pieces are created with a vision of putting statement work into the collection. These pieces have uniquely designed embroideries, using an innovative colouring technique which has never been explored before. The embroideries, inspired by tattoo art, will be exclusively shown during the Spring Summer 2017 Show.

This seasons colour palette is carefully composed by on the one hand warm neutrals, from soft greige tones to bolder camel, graphite hues, and soft pastels. On the other hand, an infusion of vivid accent colours that inject a discreet sporty vibe to the overall expression of the Spring Summer 2017 collection.

STANDs signature biker jacket is naturally the heart of the collection. This season it comes in a cropped version and in new colour ways, always with familiar details and the perfect fit.

Embroline by Coloreel – “One thread, unlimited colours”

Coloreel is an innovative company from Sweden, soon to present its first product “Embroline” based on the Coloreel technology; a versatile technique for colouring thread on demand. Exclusive collaborations have been made with selected designers to create limited embroidery editions using Embroline.

The technique, not yet available on the market, will challenge the embroidery industry; the designs and its production process.

Embroline is a ground breaking attachment for embroidery machines. By instantly colouring a thread during production, it enables unique designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency.

Creative Director Nellie Kamras Stylist Linn Hägglund



Stand was founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014 from the idea to meet a demand for expertly designed, high fashioned leather pieces at an accessible price. Since then the brand has expanded to deliver seasonal collections mainly in leather, but also pieces in suede, fur, wool, cashmere and faux fur.

Stand pay tribute to the simplicity of pure leather, making every piece highly wearable and the perfect companion to a capsule wardrobe.

Inspiration is found in the French feminine effortless chic aire, with an iconic Scandinavian simplicity and purity to every garment.

With a family background within the leather fashion business since 35 years it came very natural for Nellie, taking advantage of an almost innate talent and knowledge about the industry. STAND is a brand of her own, and today the obvious choice for style-savvy women looking for delicate wardrobe staples.

Stand is now a renowned contemporary fashion brand that can be found in selected premium stores throughout Scandinavia and Europe.


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