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Space by rmh

SPACE by rmh

We want to add something new to the streetwear culture that’s evolving in Sweden right now, and we’re doing that by creating a space for this new generation creators pushing culture forward.

We need more spaces, and we especially need a space during Fashion Week Stockholm. Fashion should be intriguing, fun, inclusive – and filled with good music and parties.

So we created a space with new energy. It’s the creators of streetwear that are deciding where fashion is heading. Leave the corporate houses behind. This is new and we are in the middle of it all and we want to contribute to where it’s all heading. And that, is what will be manifested for two days at Scenkonstmuseet.



OFFICIAL GALLERY is an art and fashion project originated in Gothenburg, Sweden. The project was established in 2012 by Teodor Svantesson & amp; Jesper Lindgren. With an interest in art and modern culture the idea is to create a project with a multidisciplinary approach within today’s society, mainly based on our daily and creative surroundings.

OFFICIAL GALLERY represents a balanced hybrid of progressive Scandinavian fashion and classic/undisturbed streetwear. With a modern interpretation of today’s environment OFFICIAL GALLERY creates a wearable uniform for the young-minded and imaginative.

Every drop from OFFICIAL GALLERY happens at random and states a new chapter. A chapter that reflects that particular time of our lives.

FU, Everything always forever.


STAI’s ambition is to create a clothing line that distinguishes itself from others. Show that the environment, working conditions, quality and good prices are compatible. We want to break the dressing standards by sex and connect street fashion with high end.

Inspired by Bonnie Parker and the top she is wearing in the signature pictures of her and Clyde Barrow, STAI is presenting a collection about breaking the norms. Bonnie Parker becomes the image of a strong woman, breaking the norms and the focus spotted on her in the couple’s story.


This is Sweden is a creative platform and movement, founded by the two siblings Ana and Pablo Londono. The core of the brand is the social engagement and a anti-racism agenda, a place where they combine fashion and creativity as a tool for their activism.

this is Sweden’s ambition is to create something more than just clothes. Their inspiration comes from the humans beneath the clothes, our skin, the one attire that we’re not able to undress.


Trinity Tafari —  the boy from Malmö with roots in Jamacia, Egypt and Sweden. The passion and interest for design and creativity has been ever-present since childhood, with a strong sense for details. Trinity started to produce the Tafari Gold grillz just a couple of months ago, and his creations have already been worn by some of Sweden’s most famous artist like Silvana Imam, Adam Tensta, Michael Dida, Guleed, Ozzy, ADL, Gee Dixon, JIreel and Yasin Byn to mention a few names.


Die Monde presents a collection inspired by the swedish multi sub-cultural youth, the journey from the suburbs to the inner city. From being excluded to becoming included in the cultural life and it’s development. We want to share our version of sophisticated street wear adapted for the modern hustler, moving in between meetings, mingle, work and the parties down town.


Hi on life wants to be part of a more sustainable fashion future. Ghana, as well as many other African countries, has a rich textile heritage and tailoring culture, but is now suffering from the invasion of cheap mass-produced low quality imports. Forcing many tailors and artisans to give up their work. The aim is to seize those artisan skills and embrace their huge potential. That’s why all H.O.L styles are made by independent tailors, piece by piece and in limited editions. In this way every garment gets exclusive and can be ordered with any customization and personal alterations requested.

The H.O.L style could be described as Street Couture with a fusion of Scandinavian clean cuts and African bold prints and applications. The music- and club scene is a great influencer as well as street life. Most styles are unisex and sold in one size or by personal measurement

Malin Busck who is the designer and owner of the brand is trained as a Textile Manager at the School of Textiles in Borås – Sweden, but has always had the passion for creating. After more than 10 years as a shop-owner and project manager within sustainable design Malin followed her dream and left Sweden for sunnier horizons and new challenges in Ghana.

Hi on life has gained interest among stylists, bloggers and press around the world. For the 3:rd edition of The Future of Fashion Programme HI ON LIFE was selected as one of the 30 finalist brands to exhibit at Who’s Next in Paris, September 2016 and are now selected again for the 2nd round in january.



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