The collection is inspired by the animated movie with the same name. It’s a dark tale of of a young virgin who makes a pact with the devil to become sexually powerful. As her power grows, the men around her weaken and this in the end leads to her ruin.

It’s about the cliché of women being seen as innocent versus sexually strong is as much a contradiction as a symbiosis.


JAR of Candy


We are a high-end fashion brand focusing on head pieces and hair accessories, combining beauty with attitude and fun. Our products enable women everywhere to cut the stress of bad hair days with accessories that make your appearance around the clock; no matter if indoors, outdoors, at work, leisure or pleasure.

We create raw feminine addictive luxurious pieces of functional fashion accessories that trigger reactions wherever you go. Inspired by, and flirting with sportswear, we aim to provide the market with quality accessories that will invite to playfully combine your current wardrobe with special luxury details. Style and elegance should never be boring! Higher quality is key to us in order to make long-lasting pieces and minimize waste. We use materials such as silk lace, cashmere, silver, organic flax and leather.



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