Peggy Guggenheim was born in 1898 in New York, and Georgia O’Keeffe in 1887 in Wisconsin. These women lived at the same time and they both had an enormous influence on the art scene, in different ways.

Georgia O’Keeffe valued the solitude and vastness of the New Mexico desert, where she created the majority of her art between 1929 and 1986 when she passed away, while Peggy Guggenheim was immersed in the modern art world in New York, Paris and later Venice. She was involved with numerous artists both romantically and professionally and enjoyed life at its fullest.

The FW18 collection presents the duality of these two personalities – the extravagant, eccentric extrovert and the earthbound, minimalist introvert. Feminine and bold shapes in rich textures and patterns combine refined, yet strong color palettes that evoke Peggy’s artful Venice existence, while sharp white cotton, desert colored wool and earthy raw silk speak of Georgia’s desert home, Ghost Ranch.

The rich plant prints are a tribute to the studies of flowers and plants that Georgia O’Keeffe painted throughout her life. The large heart plants and all the heart shaped leaves trailing through the collection embodies the life force of art together with the love and passion that grows within.


About the collection

Exposing and exploring the power of light, Rodebjer Spring Summer 2018 unveils the correlation of the youthful, energetic and flirty and the sacral, sexual and mature. Inspired by Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, the collection embraces positive change and movement while presenting a global woman who moves across borders with integrity and independence. Every new day brings universal and compelling looks.



The Rodebjer AW17 collection is an embodiment of ferocious female power. Channeling the force and the explosive, brilliance of women able to sidestep all obstacles – the collection is eclectic and unapologetic, über-womanly and strict.

The look is eclectic, yet sharp, employing unconventional layering to break up the silhouette. Outerwear shapes are large and exaggerated, layered over wide, floor-length pants, explosive floral flounces or technical wrap skirts that reveal long legs. The collection includes razor-sharp suits, utility cotton and wool with over-dimensioned pockets, super soft sets in merino and cashmere and quiet rubber-soled shoes, accentuated by silver orchid accessories. The focus is on strict function, paired with an explosive, sexual expressionism.

The collection has a dynamic green color palette which includes dark and bright pine, muted olive and military tones. Solitary shades of electric iris blue, fiery red, warm oat, ivory white, intense fuchsia and black enhance the color story, creating an expressive and modern look.

All patterns in the collection are derived from organic shapes found in nature, the flowing multicolored pattern of peeling eucalyptus bark, the fleshy and sexual shapes of orchids or the near abstract dots of tiny, scattered forget-me-not flowers. Combined they create an intense camouflage serving to enhance, rather than hide, the personality of the wearer.



Rodebjer was founded in New York in 1999 by native Swede Carin Rodebjer. After she was spotted on the streets of Manhattan wearing her handmade designs, she started selling her fashion to friends and stores in New York and in Stockholm. Since then, Rodebjer, has grown steadily and is now available in our own two stores in Stockholm and in our webshop. The collections can also be found in the best department and key stores throughout Sweden and with selected retailers in over 20 countries. Our quest is to enhance personalities yet simplify everyday clothing decisions through relevant, timeless and versatile fashion that meet the many needs of the modern woman.

Signature silhouettes include slouchy suits and sets, drapey caftans and easy-to- wear dresses and kimonos – clothes that easily moves from day into night and from work to leisure. Rodebjer is strongly inspired by counterculture, the human rights and feminist movements, music, film, art and literature – passionate people with strong ideals and the courage to live by their own rules. Carin Rodebjer has won several awards within the fashion industry in Sweden and Rodebjer has for several years been one of Sweden’s most appreciated fashion brands.


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