Our Legacy is a Stockholm based fashion company founded in 2005 by Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying. The brand started out with a line of graphic print T-shirts, in 2007 the first full collection was released. In the same year, mutual friend Richardos Klarén joined the company, becoming a third co-owner.

The Our Legacy design idea is to find and combine the right interesting elements from different cultures, by having a small branch slowly growing into its own subculture.
The Swedish and Scandinavian design heritage can be found in the clean and simple lines in the Our Legacy garments, nothing is ever over designed, but it is the passion for subcultures, modern art and the obsession for fabrics and colors that makes the Our Legacy collections stand out.

Our Legacy is independently owned and has flagship stores in Stockholm and London. Our Legacy has grown organically from day one and is represented in 200 of the worlds best retail stores. The company has it´s head office and design studio in Stockholm Sweden.


OUR LEGACY, Torstenssonsgatan 4, Stockholm

CONTACT Sara Cederlöf and Robert Zillén


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