The collection is called ”Extreme Weather” because that is the consequences we see from the global heating. We do not want to be part of that decay. That gives us passion and inspiration to create a Collection that doesn’t leave ecological footprints.

The textiles are in focus and we work with natural fibers, mostly crafted in handlooms in traditional ways, but also with modern eco -friendly techniques.

Through the collection we see the gradually change that we want to achieve from the dark reports we get today to a brighter looking future.

We encourage people to walk this positive path with us, avoiding plastic and harmful chemicals, using fun and beautiful material from the nature.

Designer & Styling Lisa Thörnqvist, ORES Hair Mia Höglund Make up Sara Eriksson, Clean Beauty Music Martin Wickman Show Coordinator ORES & Jens Segrén, Stureplansgruppen Event



ORES is a Swedish fashion label dedicated to design and textile. Our deepest passion is to develop unique textile from scratch, mainly using natural fiber like silk and wool.
Our design aesthetics is powerful, exclusive and relaxed, often with volume silhouettes, yet wearable and cool with a modern feeling.

We are naturally sustainable, using eco-friendly material and choosing conscious suppliers and methods with less energy waste and chemicals. Starting from the fibers, we are in control all the way and are able to produce ethically and with high quality.

Each season a new collection is launched with new and fresh design, qualities, techniques and new conscious production methods. Our mission is to create a fashion label, that people trust and rely on, without ever getting boring.

The name ORES come from the relation to the nature and our roots in Sweden. Our most valuable natural resource we have in Sweden- The iron ores.


Storgatan 10, Stockholm 

CONTACT Jessica Clarin Lindberg, MOLINO PR
PHONE +46 (0) 8 611 22 50

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CONTACT Jessica Clarin Lindberg, MOLINO PR
PHONE +46 (0) 8 611 22 50