GANGS is a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent’s The Mondrian collection from 1965, where simple shapes with art-inspired patterns mark a new area in fashion: ready-to-wear. To keep it simple and accessible, Naim Josefi shows denim as the key fabric of the collection.

“I wanted to transfer tailoring techniques, with sharp, elegant fits to denim in a fresh and innovative way. The colour range is monochrome blue, grey, white and black with a laser printed graphic pattern. The monochrome in my collection is a tool that makes it simple and quick to style. I think fashion should play a role, and one of these functions, according to me, is to make everyday life easier by providing garments that are aesthetically correct and that give you a subconscious boost. I hope that GANGS will inspire my customers to wear creative items in their everyday lives. During the design process, I thought a lot about the movie “Gangs of New York” and I want my design to make you feel strong in the tough times we live in,” says Naim Josefi, Creative Director and Founder.

The collection consists of three different jeans fits, slim, boyfriend and wide leg, matching tops, shirts, jackets, jumpsuits, dresses and accessories, preferably worn in a total monochrome look. 100 pairs of jeans will be sold in a numbered and limited edition. Denim garments with sequin details and three Haute Couture dresses will be part of the collection and made-to-order.

Supporting sustainability, production is situated in Portugal and uses ecologic denim fabrics with a high-tech laser treatment to create the patterns. The laser technology reduces the water consumption by 80% in the washing process.

This is GANGS and Naim Josefi.

Designer: Naim Josefi Stylist: Robert Rydberg / LinkDetails Music: Siri Sperling Böckström Show Coordinator: Corinna Dabrowski / Red and Square Fashion PR  Hair: Karolina Liedberg Make up artist: Josefina Zarmén


Naim Josefi


Naim Josefi designs ready-to-wear and haute couture in a universe, where fashion meets science and technology. GANGS, Naim Josefi’s first ready-to-wear collection, made of laser printed denim, has been launched as a test version in October 2016 at and at Örjan Andersson’s store ”Från Ö till A” in Stockholm (Örjan Andersson is the founder of denim brand Cheap Monday). A trained fashion designer and tailor, Naim Josefi became known to a broad public, winning “Project Runway Sweden” 2012. In the following years, he successfully built his own fashion house. Design collaborations include a capsule collection for, a capsule collection for Ljungberg’s Factory and a futuristic shoe design for Swedish Steel featured in the world’s biggest science magazines and exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2012. The purpose of the Naim Josefi brand is to offer modern women a designer wardrobe that is good-looking, easy to wear and powerful.


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