Specsavers x maxjenny in close collaboration!

Maxjenny has created a collection of unique design items for Specsavers. The aim is to accentuate glasses as a given fashion accessory. Glasses are an extension of you and can easily amplify your style and look. For the collection, Maxjenny has gathered inspiration from the optician’s eye chart. The innovative patterns are applied on her most iconic pieces and the message is clear: Glasses are for everyone!

maxjenny! SS19 Collection Evokes Flower With Power

Maxjenny’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is dominated by flowers, however, with a contemporary edge.

In previous seasons, maxjenny! collections have been heavily influenced by urban architecture, street culture, life, and art. For Spring / Summer 2019, step inside designer’s Maxyenny Forslund complex world — half-faded flower beds find its way on luxury prints, high-voltage tulips turn into bold color explosions, and her childhood gardens in the small fishing village Vik in southern Sweden comes to life on select garments.

”Flowers are present in all cultures, all around the world. I’ve encountered florals in the Arabic artistry – for example: in the patterns of carpets, calligraphy, to Japanese art which often worships nature. Also, in European classical paintings and architecture, where nature is always present. I dress strong, bold, and curious women. Women who just like me love life and are not afraid of what's new, different, a little messy or skewed. Most importantly, women who dare to find beauty in an almost withered flower bed.”— Maxjenny Forslund

The flower patterns has less to do with obvious femininity and gardening interests than one might assume at first observation of the collection. While the collection takes a different design direction, it still remains true to Maxjenny’s signature aesthetic: full of flower patterns, however, what Forslund would define as flower with power.

Designer: maxjenny! Stylist: Christopher Insulander Show Coordinator: PAP Studio



Based in Copenhagen, acclaimed Scandinavian designer Maxjenny Forslund is the mastermind behind maxjenny!, (2016) an exciting, young Swedish label that wants to dress the contemporary and active woman in garments that enhance her personality, choices, and lifestyle.

maxjenny! is for the ballsy female who doesn’t compromise with fit. She loves the personal, the odd and the expressive. She mingles, likes to be seen, and is daring. In short, she is maxjenny!

“I want to push the boundaries of women’s dressing norms. I want women to be more daring and unapologetic – to wear looks that demand attention and garner compliments.” – Maxjenny Forslund



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