The Treasure

Dive into unexplored waters and discover beautiful treasures of golden coins, gemstones, antique armor, weapons and much more coming together as an enchanting treasure chest in this new collection.

Maria Nilsdotter has created her biggest collection to date with over 60 new pieces, including extravagant showpieces like the Crinoline made entirely of silver, as well as fine jewellery with precious stones. Every single piece is hand made in England and Sweden. The collection is inspired by ancient finds and hidden treasures which developed into an eclectic collection of jewels with influences from the golden age of piracy.

Experiencing the collection is like an adventure from beginning to end with mesmerizing findings of jewellery that can be described as alluringly rustic, sparkling and mystic.

The collection will be suitably showcased for the first time at The Royal Armoury which also happens to be a source of inspiration for this collection.



Maria Nilsdotter


Maria Nilsdotter describes her jewelry as wearable art with a playful touch. The design is characterized by symbolic figures, unexpected twists and provoking contrasts. Her pieces reference a mysterious and dark fantasy world inspired by folk tales and mythology.

Maria Nilsdotter opened he first flagship store at Sturegatan 6 in Stockholm in 2013, a small boutique and studio where fine jewelry can be made upon request. Her spectacular pieces have been seen on Noomi Rapace, Robyn and Madonna.



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