Exhibition Bukowskis x Magniberg

Discover an exhibition curated by Magniberg, an internationally acclaimed design group whom during Design Week in Stockholm manifests their creative universe in collaboration with Bukowskis. The exhibition includes a selection of art and design from Bukowskis, side by side with Magniberg’s daring textiles and colourful cubistic furniture. Carl Larsson, Bram Bogart, Axel Einar Hjorth, Sven Markelius, oriental porcelain alongside white Egyptian cotton, classic oxford stripes, washed jersey and poplin with mother of pearl buttons – two contrasting worlds in a new innovative context.



Magniberg is a Swedish design entity with a multidisciplinary approach, founded by Bengt Thornefors, coming from a longstanding background as designer at Acne Studios and Saint Laurent, and Nina Kim Charlotte with a background in flower and graphic design. Magniberg is partially informed by Thornefors’ upbringing in the Stockholm suburb of Högdalen; an area that is invigorated by the contrasting ideals of ABC societal architecture – a Swedish 21st century term that describes designing cities from a frigid approach with emphasis on pure function and raw materiality – and allmoge, a traditional Swedish peasantry genre of architecture that worked with natural wooden materials and humble craftsmanship.

In turn, the name Magniberg stems from an actual housing complex south of Stockholm from the 17thcentury where carpenters and their families moved after retirement. Today, the studio of Magniberg lies in the same area as the house of Magniberg. Working to bring a modernly neoclassicist sentiment to furniture and bedwear, Magniberg seeks to challenge and evolve the traditional notion of luxury within the home, bringing emotional touchpoints into the genres through materiality, color and form language. The design language of Magniberg also takes cues from the likes of Robert Mapplethorpe, David Hamilton, Bettina Rheims and Wolfgang Tillmans; implemented in the designs as catalysts of the emotional aesthetics that makes up Magniberg. Striving to infuse each of its objects with an everyday familiarity – echoing the feelings that one holds towards the worn-in t-shirt that’s been worn for years on end – Magniberg seeks to create balance in compositions within the home, encouraging the combination and juxtaposition of different emotions and materials within design, just as when wearing an old, frayed sweater with a pair of fine tailored suit trousers. Magniberg is at once a vehicle for exploration and inspiration, infusing home objects with underlying ideas of the suburbs, the luxury and doing things your own way.




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