Johan Lindeberg will show at Stockholm Fashion Week with the Women’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, not only celebrating his comeback to his namesake brand, but also the 20th year’s anniversary since the first collection for A/W 1997.

“You can’t be a modern and international lifestyle brand today without having the woman in a powerful role, says Johan Lindeberg. “I am a person who truly believes that the dynamics in the world have to change, and that women should be in charge and guide us to a better world. I believe in the natural strength and values of a modern woman.”

“The way I approached this collection was very simple. I wanted to create clothes that I believe women that I admire would wear. I decided not to take any theme, just focusing on creating a modern wardrobe with clothes that will always be wearable, but still chic and with shape. I followed the J.Lindeberg DNA, combining fashion and sports which feels relevant – today more than ever. It also felt natural to focus on sharp tailoring, which has always been part of the J.Lindeberg foundation, specifically combined with dynamic sportswear. In addition we studied the archives and brought back some important styles from the past.”

“The J.Lindeberg woman is an international entrepreneur, who is driving projects on any level in order to inspire and influence the world in a positive way. I see the JL woman as active and engaging, who cares as much about supporting others as well as making sure to live a dynamic and healthy life. Being a photographer has helped me in my work as I had the opportunity to connect with women around the world. I am very focused on using the J.Lindeberg Women’s collection to get the woman a leading role in the J.Lindeberg lifestyle.”

Designer: Johan Lindeberg Stylist: Christopher Insulander / Link Details Hair: Andre Cueto-Saavedra / MIKAs LOOKs Makeup: Karin Westerlund / LUNDLUND Music: Freshteh Piltan Show Coordinator: Malin Odelfelt


“We want to dress people who want to change the world”.
The Bridge Series is a communication concept created by Johan Lindeberg to capture the soul, essence and unified voice of the lifestyle brand that spans from fashion to sport.

The Bridge Series invites a selection of talent to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. While the ages, professions and particular passions of talent selected may range, they each represent the modern outlook and inspiring lifestyle that is J.Lindeberg. Talents span from a highly successful entrepreneur who has changed the fashion landscape in New York, to an athlete and free-ski legend who out-skies avalanches.

The Bridge Series concept stems from the J.Lindeberg logo of 20 years, which resembles a bridge. In a wider context, a bridge is a very powerful symbol. And, for all that it symbolizes today, the bridge is an increasingly important part of the brand’s culture and DNA.

Each talent in The Bridge Series is asked to reflect—on their life and work, the world—and to then provide their own unique statements, which are paired with intimate portraits taken by Johan Lindeberg. In his style, the photos are raw, and they aim to portray the talent’s true character—to capture the person more than the “model.”

“The first thing Stefan and I talked about when he asked me to rejoin my namesake brand after 9,5 years apart was to reinforce the voice of the brand. I wanted to show the diversity of the brand in The Bridge Series… With people I know and who inspire us… It’s an important time in the world, and I believe in a brand having a voice.” says Johan Lindeberg.

“With the beautiful portraits and strong quotes of these inspiring people Johan has really managed to capture the voice of the brand. This is an exciting step towards communicating J.Lindeberg with one powerful, international voice.” says ceo and co-owner Stefan Engström.

The Bridge Series, including the Bridge magazine will serve as an ongoing platform for the J.Lindeberg community, with new talent each season. It will be rolled out globally throughout autumn 2016 and will continue on during 2017 with new exciting people.


The talents featured in the AW16 project will include:
• Waris Ahuwalia, actor and designer
• Alexandra Agoston, model and creative
• Chris Colls, photographer
• Sverre Liljequist, free skiing legend
• David Alexander Flinn, artist and model
• Alexander Lundqist, model and golfer
• Mazdack Rassi, entrepreneur and founder of Milk empire
• Loreen, artist and producer
• Arsun Sorrenti, skateboarder, musician and student
• Blue Lindeberg, model, actress and student


Designer J.Lindeberg Photo Johan Lindeberg





Autumn/Winter 2016 takes us to some of the most remote places on earth.

From the dense rainforests to the desolate tundra and the most extreme highlands we stand in awe of the people who inhabit these formidable landscapes.The fierce elegance of their clothing fully matches that of the stark landscape they inhabit; it also, and not incidentally, testifies to the irrepressible human will to beautify

The collection presents indigenous prints, patterns and structures in deep saturated green and red tones and in graphic black and white, suitable for the strong minded and slightly rebellious J.Lindeberg woman. Nontraditional tailoring, sharply cut blazers and pants often with leather details, are layered with transparent fluid fabrics and playful shearling jackets. Outerwear is fabricated in soft mohair, winter wools and functional down quilted nylons, juxtaposed with the attitude of the iconic rock and roll leather jackets.

With this collection we continue our mission to bridge fashion and functionality with products that enable the contemporary woman to share an active lifestyle, in style and with that touch of rebellious sophistication.

Designer: J.Lindeberg Stylist: Christopher Insulander; Linkdetails Hair: André Cueto Saavedra, MIKAs LOOKs Make-up: Karin Westerlund, LUNDLUND Music: Patrick Saxe Show Coordinator: Malin Odelfelt, J.Lindeberg

J.Lindeberg Woman


The Scandinavian Fashion House J.Lindeberg was founded in Stockholm in 1996, by Johan Lindeberg, with the vision to build an international brand for modern and aware consumers. The company bridges fashion and function, offering outstanding products for a modern active lifestyle.

Today distribution covers more than 35 countries, and there are close to 90 J.Lindeberg stores and 35 shop-in-shops in e.g. Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul. J.Lindeberg is sold in over 900 stores, including the leading high-end department and specialty stores around the world. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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