We are showing an in season show (see now-buy-now) FW 18 where the inspiration is the movie The Royal Tenenbaums and the original movie Blade Runner from 1982. We are fully embodying the IVYREVEL dna with a major emphasis on shoulders, waist and legs this season. We are unapologetic and celebrating the female form. This is us.

Designer: Patric Wallertz, Lowe Olsen, Ida Christiansen Stylist: Sebastian Hammarberg Hair: Amanda Mattsson Make up: Evelina Andersson Show Coordinator: Magnus Wiberg, Asfb



Ivyrevel is a digital fashion house. Attention to visual details is of great importance since we create designs that make us look stunning both online and offline. Inspired by popular culture and the contemporary now, Ivyrevel fuses high fashion with street style resulting in provocatively feminine and unapologetic creations that celebrate the female form. The brand is well known for mixing materials and for its vivid use of colors and statement prints. We aim to create collections that are perfectly balanced between statement pieces and everyday must haves covering everything from ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories.

We are:
Provocatively feminine: Unapolagetic and celebrating the female form
Maximalistic: Extrovert and loud in both style and way of life
Confident: Fearless in both fashion and personality
Unpredictable: Emotional and spontaneous
Contemporary: On trend


CONTACT Sebastian Hammarberg, IVYREVEL
+46 735794428

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