INGY STOCKHOLM is a jewelry company based in Stockholm, Sweden founded by Ingela Klemetz Farago.

Ingy Stockholm personifies the transformation of raw wood into luxury. The pieces in the collection are all one of a kind individual concepts from the Swedish primeval forest. The collection is a galactic expression of asymmetric shapes where every piece become a unique reinvention.

”I was missing the soul of the accessories, and they became smaller and more minimalistic, I felt an urge for larger more unique pieces and It all came to me during a walk in the Royal forest in Stockholm, when I found some amazing pieces of wood lying in front of me. I realized then and there that I could bring an organic life form that has passed away back to life and put it in a wonderful new context, says ingela Klemetz Farago.

Ingy Stockholm work with a minimalistic philosophy to achieve a maximalistic appearance.

As told by Lynn Yeager

Ingy Stockholm will be showing their collection at Jewelery and Accessories Lounge.

Photographer Peter Farago & Ingela Klemetz Farago Model Elin Skoghagen

Ingy Stockholm are showing as a part of Jewelry and Accessories Lounge.

Ingy Stockholm


As a fashion photographer duo with my husband Peter Farago, I come across many designers, brands and objects. One day I realized that I was missing unique jewelry pieces that moved my senses and inspired me. 

The mind and the eyes has to be open and travel. Fashion to us, is to step in to a world full of imagination, dreams, excitement and luxury. I see fashion as any other art, expressed thru colors, shapes and form, “To us, photographic expression has to be meaningful, fragile and magical. We want to present a world to the viewer so they can be able to dream. The world needs to be embellished.” This atmosphere is also the important DNA in INGY STOCKHOLMs earring collection, where my inspiration comes from galactic abstract life-forms

INGY STOCKHOLM stands out from the mass production that is all around us today and is an extension of me and my creativity. The pieces tell stories and inspires, objects that you want to wear because it is delicate and unique. INGY STOCKHOLM is made for people who aim for a personal and individual style. 

I also felt an urge of more unique, individual and bulky pieces in line with my own abstract mood. I wanted earrings that empowered me as a woman, object that made a statement and where daring. I was out on a walk in the forest a couple of years ago, and I found a stunning piece of a cubistic shaped piece of wood. I brought it home and it was lying around for some time, teasing me with its presence. Then and there I saw a abstract earring come to shape infront of my eyes and INGY STOCKHOLM was born.


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