The collection is inspired by the animated movie with the same name. It’s a dark tale of of a young virgin who makes a pact with the devil to become sexually powerful. As her power grows, the men around her weaken and this in the end leads to her ruin.

It’s about the cliché of women being seen as innocent versus sexually strong is as much a contradiction as a symbiosis.

Designer: Ida Sjöstedt Stylist: Sofie Krunegård / Hall&Lundgren Hair: Kevin Murphy Makeup: Sandra Wannerstedt / MIKAs LOOKs Nails: Frida Selkirk / Nailstyling Music: Erik Wikström



Someone once questioned: Is a world where we don’t love to play, a world worth fighting for? As a new day breaks you first see the beauty as the sun rises, and there is a feeling of hope, expectations and a sense of bliss in the air. Let this be a tribute and a celebration to the world we all would like to live in. A place filled with harmony and peace. Heal the world and let love rule.

Designer: Ida Sjöstedt Stylist: Sofie Krunegård / Hall Lundgren Hair: Kevin Murphy Make-up: Elva Ahlbin/ Adamsky Nails: Frida Selkirk Nailstyling Music: Erik Wikström




Go your own Way

Only the dead fish swim with the stream. As we are living in dark times where people are screaming and shouting at each other, fighting to prove their points and destroying their opponents, a world of acceptance and love for all seem like a utopia. This is about creating a world where anyone can feel free to be who they want no matter of other people’s opinions. Where a woman do not need no clique, no squad, no posse or no cool boys to boost her self-esteem or to make her feel worthy. Where you can do your own thing and where you don’t have to choose between being a leader or a follower. It’s about creating that secure space inside yourself, so when you feel angry, happy or sad, instead of fighting you take a step aside and stay strong in the belief that the only person you have to please is you. Be a crazy diamond and do not be afraid to shine. The collection runs from ready to wear to couture, and key pieces of the season are tailored, sequin embroidered coats that embody the idea of a timeless, understated maximalism. Clothes for special occasions that never go out of style.  Sequin sweaters, lace patterned tights, flimsy blouses, full skirts and velvet shoes and bow tie boots may be sparkly, beautiful, aggressive, eccentric and fun, but they never outshine their wearer. Dresses and gowns come to life when worn and loved by someone special. Leopard printed devore, floral laces, multi coloured embroideries and polka dots melt together in an eclectic mix that is the autumn winter 2016 vision of Ida Sjöstedt.

Designer: Ida Sjöstedt Stylist: Sofie Krunegård / Hall Lundgren Hair: Kevin Murphy Make-up: Sandra Wannerstedt / MIKAs LOOKs Nails: Frida Selkirk Nailstyling for Minxs Nails Shoes: Ida Sjöstedt for Nelly Bags: Charlott Vasberg Music: Erik Wikström

Ida Sjöstedt


Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt graduated from London’s University of Westminster in the year 2000. After freelancing in London for various designers she moved back to Sweden and set up her own label in Stockholm the following year. Since then she has become one of Sweden’s most popular designers, combining ready to wear collections with couture dresses for private clients. Ida Sjöstedt’s creations are as favourites among royals; celebrities on the red carpet as for girls and women all around the country who love to wear her dresses for special occasions. Ida Sjöstedt was awarded “Designer of the Year” at the Elle Awards 2016, and has twice been the winner of Sweden’s biggest fashion magazine DV Guldknappen Readers Choice Award for best designer of the year 2011 and 2014.


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