In the modern world, where technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, the Dagmar Woman finds herself drawn to nature and real experiences as a counterbalance. For Spring Summer 2017, Dagmar presents a collection that combines the fundamental with that which has been reimagined to become the radical.

The woman we picture is sensual and confident. Where society struggles to find the balance between the natural and artificial, she utilizes the dynamic nature of these contrasting elements. In the same way, the collection combines and transforms fundamental garments such as the crisp white shirt and classic cable knitted sweater with progressive cuts and knitting techniques.

The silhouette is tapered, often fitted at top but loose and wide at bottom, or built in layers like a fan. The collection presents both oversized loose fan-shaped dresses and outerwear, as well as silhouettes where the waist has been marked by a drawstring, or another functional element that can be individually draped or adjusted. The fan shaped neckline plays a key role in the relaxed silhouette found throughout the collection.

Details and finishings find inspiration from sportswear and functional solutions such as taped seams, drawstrings and perforated fabrics. In contrast to the fundamental shapes the collection presents a number of draped skirts and dresses.

The woven qualities range from cotton poplin and cotton chinos, to technical linen blends and an ultra-light parachute inspired fabric. The leather is soft, light and drapy. Spongy knitted fringes and ribs contrast with cable knits and reimagined basket and lace knits.

Key items in the collection include a loose fit chino pant, knitted tops and dresses in a graphic lace knit pattern. Also featured are clean Caroline Bessette-Kennedy style dresses that have been reimagined to become voluminous.

The colour palette is neutral, constrained to tones of whites, oats, chalk, stones, indigo, sky blue, and dried herbs – the natural – contrasted with a strong technical orange – the artificial. Surreal paisley patterns are contrasted with the crisp white of men´s shirts and a classic Breton stripe.




House of Dagmar


Since the label Dagmar was launched in the Spring of 2005, it’s unconventional and sophisticated style has been widely recognised by the fashion industry as well as the press throughout Europe, United States and Asia and have received several prestigious awards.

The company is run jointly by the three sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam – all with notable backgrounds within Swedish and international fashion industry.

The design is characterised by a style best described as unconventional and sophisticated. The garments from Dagmar stand out with their unique combination of high quality, trendiness and sensuality. The feeling, the colours and the patterns are found primarily in the Art Deco period of the 20’s and 30’s. Motion pictures, architecture, art, music and dance inspire to the decadent touch. The feminine sensuality adds a fascinating mysticism to every Dagmar item. Safeguarding the craftsmanship and to make use of valued traditions from the past, are important parts of the creative process when developing the collections.

The principal source of inspiration – and muse – is the sisters’ late grandmother by the name Dagmar. She was herself a tailor and inspired the sisters to develop their interest for fabrics and design at a young age.


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